Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Wrap up


I'm still here.  Mom wasn't sure there for a little while, but I'm holding my own.  The liver soup that Mom made is helping - a little.  At least I'm eating.

According to the Vet, I have a cyst or tumor on my liver.  Mom and Dad and I had a big discussion on what we were going to do to make me better.  Right now, we're not considering surgery.  So we're just going to ride this out as long as I can for now and see where it leads us.

I've lost about 10lbs and it shows.  I'm not eating so much, but I'm still a pretty happy guy.  I did have a few rough days but I think part of that was one of the pills they have me on which makes me want to throw up.  Mom and Dad stopped giving me that one after I threw up on their bed....again

So all in all, it's been a bit of a rough time.  Mom made me liver this week, some liver soup, some red rice and I've gotten OODLES of cuddles and ear scratches.  Part of that is the rain and thunder storms we've gotten this week too though.

We're not sure how long I have before crossing the Bridge, but it'll probably happen sooner rather than later and that makes Mom very sad and sometimes she can't help but cry.  I can't say I'm too happy about that either. I'm not near ready to go yet though.  I still have a job to do looking after my family and I'll also be doing some sleeping, blog reading, Facebooking, and mooching as many cuddles from my family as I can.

A big thank you to Mango Momma, River The Beagle's Mom, and The Poupounette's #1 for their advice to Mom.  It's nice to have friends like you.

Sniff ya later!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thinking Thursday

Had to go back to the VET today to get more blood stolen.

Kudos to the Lovely Sarah who was able to actually find a vein - in one shot BTW.  That's hard to do in Shar Peis.

There were a lot of other dogs there waiting to see the lovely doctors and vet techs.  I had to guard my Puppy from all of them.  Just checking under the table, in case of you know.

So I'm thinking that the news Mom and Dad got from my Lovely VET wasn't the best.  I was busy trying to make an escape so I missed some of what the doctor said but given Mom's reaction, it wasn't what she and Dad wanted to hear.  I have to go for an Ultrasound tomorrow and another blood test on Saturday.

I'll keep everyone updated as we get news.

Sniff ya later.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Post from the VET

Post from the VET as written by Bolo on Mom’s iPawd and emailed to her for posting

Well here I am playing with Mom’s iPawd, stuck at the VET’s office.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  Mom said it was just my annual Lube Oil and Filter.  I don’t mind so much though, I haven’t been feeling good anyway.  I even headed for the VET’s office door before I finished my jump out of the car pee.  They love me here and they take good care of me.

So, the exam started ok.  I had a lovely technician try and steal my blood but I wasn’t having any of that.  And it had NOTHING to do with the pink bandage waiting to be put on.  Shar Pei veins are notoriously hard to find.  Wrinkles hide veins apparently.  Who knew?  Aly was her name and she was lovely and gave good nose kisses, and she felt so bad for having to poke me so many times.  We left as friends, and I had all my blood, so it was all good.

Then my doctor came in and gave me cuddles and scratches and checked my heart and lungs and my tummy.  She could tell I wasn’t feeling good and said I really needed blood stolen.  Poor Aly came back in and with her, another lovely lady and Mom, they finally got blood out of my neck.  Not fun for me, and not fun for Mom to watch apparently.  I got a lot more hugs and scratches and even a not so bad tasting cookie.

Mom and I hung around for the results of the blood test.  We had some good ear scratch time and some good walking around time and I was feeling a little better by the time the doctor came back with my test results. 

She said all my organs were working fine – this is what Mom was worried about – but that my white cell count was VERY high.  She suggested that I stay overnight so that they could x-ray me and steal my pee again and set me up with a serious antibiotic.  Mom called Dad and they talked it over quickly and said, “OK.”  Notice no one asked ME for my opinion?

Anyway, my lovely doctor went to set up my overnight bed and Mom and I had a good chat about being good and not trying to get out of the kennel without permission.  Mom said she loved me and I wagged my tail.  My VET noticed that and thought it was very CUTE.  Well why wouldn’t I be CUTE?  My lovely doctor took me in to my room for the night and I guess Mom left.

A little while later though, one of the lovely tech ladies came in with Mom’s pillowcase and one of my squeaky squirrels.  Mom loves me.

So this is where I’ve been all day.   Luckily Mom left me her iPawd and I’ve been able to nap a little bit.  I want to go home though.  There’s much more fun stuff to do there.  Here I can only chase a couple of cats and they live here so they know where all the hiding spots are.  Mom said Dad would pick me up in the morning.  I miss him too.

Sniff ya later

Pei-Ess I might even miss Puppy.  A little bit.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mailman Monday!

Mom and Dad and Puppy have been super busy recently.  Can't say that I've been all that occupied with anything but sleeping on the bed, sleeping on the sofa, drinking water, peeing it out later, you know, the usual.

Some excitement did happen not even 30 minutes ago! 

Picture this!  There I was in the backyard, sniffing around, making sure the perimiter was safe when Mom opens the door and says, "Bolo!  Inside!  Mailman!"

And I went:


(Sorry for the old picture, I think Mom has developed an allergy to her camera.)

So I got a chance to sniff out my Mailman!  He's a nice guy.  I like him.  He's always very friendly to us.  Thank you Mr. Mailman! 

That's about all the excitement I've had recently.

Sniff ya later!