Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wrap up Wednesday

Is it my imagination or are the Wednesdays just coming up much faster than they used to?

Mom says it's because I'm also writing on Sundays.  Which reminds me!  Only a few days left to submit answers to Week 3 of the Nosevember Contest!

In other news, I have been reassured that Puppy is NOT part Great Dane or Mastiff - if you remember it was quite a worry to me last week.  Mom says he's Dodge Dart and Heinz 57.  I don't get it. 

That's about it.  Lots of rescuing Daddy from work, chasing squirrels, OH!  I did manage to chase one right up the tree in front of our house the other day (a squirrel I mean, not a Daddy)!  Dad was a little upset because I was out without my leash, but it's not my fault he wasn't fast enough with it right?  My Mom said I pulled another Hou-Bolo.  (Kind of like my friend Hou-Bibi at The Poupounette).

Yeah, that's the news.  I'm going to try and convince Mom that maybe she wants to spend the afternoon cuddling me.  Scratching my ears.  Giving me kisses.  Yup, I think that sounds like a very productive afternoon.

Sniff ya later!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

3rd Week of Nosevember Contest!

There you go for everyone who liked the Pei in the Leaves picture from last week, there's another one!

So, here are the answer's to last week's Nosevember Noses
Nose 1: Cat - the nose belongs to Genji over at The Poupounette
Nose 2: Mastiff - The Relentlessly Huge Mango the Mastiff to be precise (solidarity in slobbers)
Nose 3: Shepherd Cross - Pippa - Mom and I were surprised most people said Greyhound.
Nose 4: Spaniel - Tommy at The Poupounette
Nose 5: Horse - Vidock at The Poupounette.

Thank you to my awesome nose volunteers!

And now for our last week of noses!  Are you ready?

Nose 1 belongs to:

A) Platypus
B) Labrador
C) Echidna

Nose 2 belongs to

A) Pug
B) Shar Pei
C) Chow Chow

Nose 3 belongs to:

A) Chow Chow
B) Staffordshire
C) Bull dog

Nose 4 belongs to:

A) Cat
B) Rabbit
C) Mini Cooper

Nose 5 belongs to:

A) Dinosaur
B) Mastiff
C) Rhino

Nose 6 belongs to:

A) Deer
B) Cat
C) Labrador

Nose 7 belongs to:

A) Llama
B) Alpaca
C) Wallaby

Nose 8 belongs to:

A) Llama
B) Wombat
C) Alpaca

Nose 9 belongs to:

B) Puppy
C) Shar Pei

Phew!  That's it for the noses.  Mom and I have decided that three weeks of noses is more than enough - we don't want to cut into Pei-vent too much.  As usual, email me your answers bolo (at) magma (dot) ca  , leave your answers in the comments or send them to me on Facebook.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supplied Noses, I couldn't have done this without you!  Mom and I will tally up the points in about 10 days and advise our winners what they've won!  I hope it's stuff everyone will like and be able to use.

Best of luck to everyone!

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Wrap up

We had snow overnight.

Not a lot, but enough that Mom said she was NOT impressed when she looked out the window at the butt crack of dawn.  Needless to say she hasn't taken ANY pictures of it yet.

She DID take pictures of Puppy and I playing in leaves a few weeks ago.

Do you notice something there?

That's right! Puppy is getting bigger than me!

Do you think maybe he has some Mastiff or Great Dane in him?  I must ask Mango and Honey.

As you can see, I was forced into getting my picture taken covered in leaves.  Mom thinks I look a little Pit Bull-ish there.  No worries though, I'm still 100% Shar Pei.  Still worried about Puppy being part Mastiff or Great Dane though.  What if he eats all my kibble?  Should I be worried?

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess  Remember to play Week 2 of the Nosevember Contest!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nosevember Contest Answers and Week 2 Noses!

Wow, that's a long title.

So here are the answers to last week's Nosevember contest.

Nose 1:

It's a bunny rabbit.

Nose 2:

As an aside, this is NOT Puppy's Favorite Cow who lives in the farm behind our house.  This is an anonymous cow.

Nose 3:

This nose belongs to Limba, an Asian Elephant Puppy and Grandad got to ride on at a fair.  She lives at the Bowmanville Zoo and was all decorated up because she's also a movie star.

Nose 4:
Ostrich chicks.  Who knew they would be so velocoraptorish.

So far, we're in a 7-way tie!

Here are our Guest Noses for Week 2!  Thank you to my pawesome friends for submitting their noses!  Yes, you can guess your own nose and it will be counted as a point.  Oh, and you get a bonus point if you can guess WHOSE nose it is.

Week 2 Nose 1
Does this nose belong to
A) Rabbit
B) Cat
C) Lion Cub

Week 2 Nose 2
Does this nose belong to:
A) Labrador
B) Submarine
C) Mastiff

Week 2 Nose 3
 Does this nose belong to:
A) Shepherd Cross
B) Fox
C) Greyhound

Week 2 Nose 4

Does this nose belong to:
A) Spaniel
B) Mastiff
C) Husky

Week 2 Nose 5
Does this nose belong to:
A) Mastiff
B) Horse
C) Favorite Cow

Ok!  remember to send your answers (and any extra noses you have) to bolo (at) magma (dot) ca .  Or you can answer on Facebook, or in the comment section!

Thank you for playing, Sniff ya later!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Nosevember! Contest is Up!

Well, first I have to thank Mom for getting her mind back together as she got the computer back up and running.  And Dad too for helping.  Puppy...well, he was very enthusiastic.  Maybe not about Nosevember, but that's becuase he's never been through Nosevember and doesn't know how exciting it is.

So, because Mom and I weren't as organized as we could have been for this (although we already have prizes), we don't have friend noses to put up this week.  That's ok!  We're good with this.  We have a back up plan!

First of all, here's how you play.  You'll be given an image like this:

Then you'll be given three options for the best answer.

Is this nose from:
A) Greyhound
B) Moving Truck
C) Bolo; a wonderfully black/dark chocolate coloured Shar Pei

You then email me at bolo (at) magma (dot) ca with the answer.  Or you can leave it in the comments, or post it on my Facebook - I am on Facebook. Mom and I will tally up the answers and keep a running total of who has the correct answers.  The top three guessers will win a prize.  The answers for this week will be posted next week so there will be plenty of time for everyone to participate who wants to.  And if you want to include your nose, I'd be more than happy to add it!  Yes, those who submit noses can still win a prize.  So the answer to that nose up there is?  HAH!  C of course!

Many thank to my Uncle Marty for taking that picture of my nose with his Macro lens.

So, here is this week's contest!

Who does Nose 1 Belong to:

A) Cat
B) Rabbit
C) Yorkshire Terror

Who does Nose 2 belong to:

A) Cow
B) Horse
C) Jack Russel Terror

Who does Nose 3 belong to:

A) Octopus
B) Labraterror
C) Elephant

Who does Nose 4 belong to:

A) Veloioraptor
B) Ostrich
C) Chicken

Go ahead and answer and good luck to everyone!  

And please send noses!

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Wrap Up

New Picture!
What do you think?

In other news, I WAS going to start my Nosevember contest, but Mom has had a complete meltdown - of her computer.  Probably a bit of her mind too, but mostly her computer.  We're on the new one now and she's finally salvaged all of our pictures (PHEW!) but she hasn't reloaded any of her programs yet, like the one she uses to DO the work required for the Nosevember contest.  Sigh.  So that'll be at least another week.  Sorry guys.  We're doing this Nosevember contest even if it takes us into Pei-vent!

That's about it.  Puppy is enjoying playing with me.  I'm still not sure about all this running around behaviour, especially if it involves grabbing my tail.  Lastly, it's squirrel season around our house.  They're out in force now days so I bet you can only imagine how often I run to the window saying GET OUT OF MY YARD! 

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Picture Wednesday!

Look at that!  A new picture of me!


Even more exciting is that I've been snoopervising Dad for the past few week in getting ready for Hallowe'en.  Here's what all his work came to:

There's Dad, in the chain maille, Puppy and Grammy.  Nice castle isn't it?  Dad did an AWESOME job!

I wasn't allowed out, my job was to keep my Great-Grandmother company, she had come to see Daddy's display.  We had a lot of people come and see Daddy's (and my) handiwork, and a few people came in to visit with me too!  That was fun!

Ok, time to go and get my first Nosevember 2011 post ready!

Sniff ya later!