Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's this Wednesday?

Puppy and I woke up to find THIS in our living room:

No no, not the colourful thing, the big white/cream thing with the metal.  Here's what...OR WHO was inside:

Miss Mayhem herself!  She came with Grammy.  They only spent the night, but that was enough.

She's in my house.


I have to be a gracious host don't I?


Hi there everyone!  Mayhem here!  Trust me, it was such a surprise to end up at Bolo's house last night!  It was kind of fun to have an Adventure of my own though!  Nice to see everyone too!  Mayhem Out!  PEACE!

I have to go and recover from my day of hosting.  It's tough to be a good host, but some puppy has to do it.

Snuff ya later!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mayhem Monday

Like I said yesterday, Mom, Dad and Puppy went to visit Grammy and Bionic Grampy.  Well wouldn't you know it, Mayhem was there too.  So I thought I'd let her post a bit.  I'm getting ear scratches from Mom out of this so it's worth it.  Sniff ya later -Bolo

Mayhem out!  PEACE!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sad Stuff on Sunday

Mom and Dad and Puppy went off to see Grammy and Bionic Grandpa overnight last week, I went to the PetsHotel.  Mom didn't want me to come face to face with the emergency vet again (remember that story?) - although they were SOOOO nice.    They brought home some sad news though.  My cousin Zoe crossed the bridge.
That's her there.  She was about 12 or 13 years old, a Standard Poodle.  She and I never really got along so we weren't allowed to play together, but that doesn't mean I'm not sad.

Mom said the only one left of the family's Brat Pack is Tia - she's a Miniature Schnauzer Grammy and Bionic Grampa Rescued about 8 years ago, she's about 14 years old now.  She hasn't been doing too well though.

 Zoe, Tia, my Brofur-Who-Came-Before Shih Kwan:

Grammy and Bionic Grandpa's first Portuguese Water Dog - Sala,

and our cousin Gabe - a Yellow Labrador,
Could once all be found playing in the backyard together, or running up and down the hill at the Lake, or stretched out on the floor trolling for ear scratches and tummy rubs from whoever was nearby Mom says.

Run Free Zoe.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Wrap Up

Since it seems that I'm only able to post once a week or so, here's what's happened this week:

It's ok, I chased him off!
There I am, telling Mom I need to go outside to finish my chasing!
And he's gone.  Phew!  I'll be spending the rest of the week making sure HE doesn't come back.  He will though, they never learn.  Has anyone else noticed that?  Squirrels never learn.

Other than making sure my backyard is safe, I've discovered why my food tastes so funny lately.  I've known for a while that Puppy likes to eat my food.  Only a few pieces at a time, but still, it's MY food.  OK, I know he shares with me and it's only fare that I share with him, but it's MY food and I was here first!  Right?  Right!

Mom even moved my food into the stairs so that Puppy wouldn't be able to get to it all that often.  She does make sure that I get to it and my water regularly though.  Thank you for that Mom.  But back to my funny tasting food.  Mom has photographic proof that Puppy thinks his stuffies should be eating my food too!

I've of two minds about this:
1) Let the stuffies get their own food!
and 2) Obvisouly I'm doing a good job of teaching Puppy how to take care of his animals.

Sniff ya later!

Friday, July 15, 2011

To everything there is a REASON.

So, first of all, I want to say, I didn't do it on purpose.  I had a REASON.  Mom is big on having a reason to do everything.  If if the reason is just Because I want to.  So, about two days ago, Mom and Dad came home to see THIS:

That's the bedroom floor.  Carpet.  Underpad.  Yeah.  I did that, I admit it.  But I have a REASON!  I HAD to go outside.  Not in that need to GO outside thing, but in an I NEED to go outside.  At heart, I'm a guard dog and I can't STAND having anything in my backyard that doesn't belong there.  So OPEN THE DOOR MOM!

So, Mom happened to have the camera ready and was wondering why I was so antsy to go outside today (Maybe we can give Mom a round of applause for having the camera anywhere near her today, it's been so long I'm surprised she remembered how to use it.).  She thought maybe a squirrel or one of the neighbourhood cats was in MY backyard.  As an aside, I once made a neighbourhood cat jump straight up and onto the roof of the shed that I helped build.  I'm a nice guy that way you know.  Anyway, here's what I was determined to get OUT of MY backyard:

Do you see that?  He's on MY back steps!  Those are MY backsteps.  I threw up on them just yesterday!  He's mocking me.  I'm sure of it.

MOM!  Would you open the door PLEEEEEEEESE!

As another aside, Mom says that we'd all be in trouble of Shar Peis grew an opposeable thumb.

Gotta go!  She's heading for the door!

Sniff ya later!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Report!

Well, not much excitement here, except maybe for a bit of rain and a threat of someone taking a bath.  I'm hoping it wasn't me.  Puppy had a bath, but he likes them.  He doesn't get that from me!

So, here's a recent picture.  Mom was in dire need of a cuddle.  I obliged.  It's a tough job but somepuppy has to do it!

HEY HEY HEY HEY!  Give me the camera!

Hi! Hi! Hi!  It's me Mayhem!

Did you miss me?  Bolo's Mom came to visit me!  Am I ever lucky!  She brought Puppy too!  He's at the perfect height for me to lick his face too!  

Ooops, Bolo might be angry, I'd better give him back his blog.  Don't miss me too much!  Mayhem out! Peace!

Bolo here.  That Mayhem!  She's only a year old so I can see why she's so enthusiastic, but WOW.  All that energy.  I'm going back for a nap.  I'm tired just listening to her.

Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Tales

Hi.  Did you forget about me?  I haven't forgotten about you guys.  I just haven't had much of a chance to write and there have been NO pictures whatsoever until this evening when I forced Mom to pick up her camera.

Of course she caught me while I was letting Puppy know that he hadn't thrown any food on the floor recently.  As we all know, if it falls on the floor, it belongs to the Pei. 

In other news, it has been stinking hot around here.  Which means that although I get my daily walks, I haven't been Mom's running partner in a while.  I'm raring to go, Mom is being a suck though and doesn't want to run in the heat and humidity.  So I've been left doing a lot of this lately:

Well, it's a hobby I guess.  Take care everyone.

Sniff ya later!