Monday, December 31, 2012

Mayhem Monday! - Happy New Year!

Mayhem here!

Fun times going on at this house.

I'm feeling a little better about my people leaving me here - enough to give Chingmy a smackdown every now and then when she tries to nip me.  Temp-Mom says we should realize that she's the QB in this house and act accordingly.

There have been good walks - with and without Chingmy.  Some good sleeping on the couch time and lots of trips to PetSmart.  I heard a rumour I was going to go to Daycare one day but the closest I've been is walking Puppy to his school/daycare.  Oh, yeah, and I got a nail trim.  Not sure why Temp-Mom wanted me to get one of those.  Although it did mean I had the undivided attention of TWO lovely people for a few minutes.

That's about it.

Temp-Mom says, since today is my blog post and it's the last day of the year, I get to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

So, here you go:

Happy New Year!

Wow.  Really?  She couldn't think of something a little harder for me to do?  Really?

Oh well, Mayhem Out!  PEACE!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

In case you didn't get it, here's our Christmas Card from this year.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Chingmy Kisses!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

We're All Ready!

Hi there!

Chingmy here!

I don't know about any of you, but we're all ready for Christmas at our house!  See:

All that's left now is to wait.

Chingmy Kisses!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday with Santa Paws


Chingmy here!

Mom took us to see Santa Paws - as promised! 

That's me - in case you'd forgotten.  I launched myself out of the chair a few times because I had to give kisses to the photographer she was doing such a good job.

And as you ca see, Mayhem tried to blend in with Santa's beard in the hopes of going out with him next week.  A valiant effort Mayhem!

This being my first visit to meet Santa Paws, I wasn't sure what to ask him, so I just gave him...

Chingmy Kisses!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Telling about Mayhem Monday!


Chingmy here!

Had you forgotten what I look like?

I almost did!  We've just been SUPER BUSY here getting ready for Christmas and Mom reading her Kobo and Puppy running around like a goof.  Me stressing out about being in my kennel - I don't like it and I don't care who know is - going to classes and walks with Mom and Dad and Puppy.

We're also REALLY behind in reading Blogs.  We're a little better with Facebook.  I do want to send out good Pei Vibes to Miss Honey Dog for her surgery

So, besides having the Christmas Tree Up and NOT having gone to visit Santa paws YET - Mom says we need to go this Sunday or it won't happen at all.  I think we should go stand in line NOW to see Santa Paws.  I've heard so many nice things about him!

Lastly, I have a Temporary Sisfur!  She says you all know her, but I've only met her a few times.  She's been here since Sunday and Mom and Dad say she'll be here for most of the winter.  I'll let her say Hi.

Chingmy Kisses!

Mayhem Monday is back!

Do you remember back in August when I was here?  No?  Let me refresh your memory with this Link.

Yeah, looks like that rumour was true.  I will be here for a while.

That's fine, I don't mind, but I miss my PEOPLE! Mom phoned them yesterday and told them I was fine and I got to snuffle the phone and hear their voices but it's not the same.  Anyway, I'm just going to keep to myself for a little bit until I get over this feeling and then I'll be so in Chingmy's face it won't be funny!

Mayhem out!  PEACE!