Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On the sixth day of Peimas Bolo gave to you:
Six Cookies chased!
Five gobs of drool!
Four dirty feet,
Three tail wags
Two expressive ears
And a nose kiss just for you!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fifth Day!

On the Fifth Day of Peimas, Bolo gives to you.....
Five blobs of drool!
Four dirty feet
Three tail wags
Two Expressive ears
and a Nose Kiss just for you!

Dad's been home with me the last few days, there's been a lot of this going on. The only way it could be better was if Mom was there too. She says she's working to keep me in cookies. I guess that's ok.
Sniff ya later!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fourth Pei of Christmas

On the fourth pei of Christmas, Bolo gave to you:
Four feety feet!(Yes, I know that's only two. I couldn't get the other two in the frame! Sheesh!)
Three tail wags
Two expressive ears
And a nose kiss just for you!

And if we can ever get it up on Blogger, here's Uncle Marty's video of Bolo vs Snowman head! I think it has the potential for a feature film. The story is kind of rough, but I'll get Daddy to work on it, he's an excellent writer. This, of course, would be the main action scene. I don't want to spoil the ending so I'll be quiet now.

So if Uncle Marty is my camera man, Grandad is in charge of still photography, Daddy is my writer, Mom is my social secretary, Aunt Sharon can be in charge of toys (she gets me good stuff, pei winks ), Grandma is in charge of food and lodging. Wow, I have a whole production team! Dad? Can you get started on the writing?

Sniff ya later!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Third Pei of Christmas!

On the Third Day or Peimas/Third Pei of Christmas, you get, three tail wags, two expressive ears and Nose Kisses just for you!

Ok, I'm back home after my HUGE adventure. Ah, much as I like Adventuring, it's nice to be home. I want to send HUGE thank yous and Cyber Nose Kisses to Grandma and Grandad for hosting us. I don't think there were enough cuddles going on between the three of us, but I'm welcome back so we can change that. Pei laughter.

So, finally, here are pictures of me at Poochini's!
Here I am arriving. Mom should have gotten a picture of the WHOLE front of the store. Sheesh. Sometimes I think Mom has lost it. Gotta love her, she fills the water dish. Pei laughter.

Here I am making my entrance. (Picture by Grandad).

Here I am in the store, on the right. (Picture by Grandad.) Mom is in the red coat and that little dog is apparently named Muffin. Miss Lea is in the back in green. There are cookies on the counter, and more behind me. More in the bukets next to Miss Lea. I have to tell you every puppy, it smells SO GOOD in there. Mom bought me 2 bags of cookies and some big honey bones. Yummmmmm. And it was wonderful to meet Miss Lea. Read yesterday's post for more about my adventure at Poochini's.

Uncle Marty hasn't sent the video to Mom yet so I can't post it. I'll bug Uncle Marty about that today. In the meantime, let me show you what happened yesterday.Yup, spontaneous cuddle session!

Sniff ya later!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Second Day of Peimas!

Happy Second Day of Peimas! Or Second Pei of Christmas, whichever one you're celebrating. And what did your true Pei give to you? Two Expressive Ears! And a Nose Kiss Just for you!
(Blogger is giving us trouble so we'll post pictures tomorrow, with apologies.)

Today was my Adventure at Poochini's Barkery! I knew something was up because Mommy and Daddy were excited. Mommy more than Daddy. So was Grandad.

So Mommy parked the car a few blocks away from the Barkery and took out her camera. You know it's an important event if the camera comes out. Anyway, off we went! And finally, THERE IT WAS! I could smell it from way down the street. Mom opened the door and the flashbulbs of the pupparazzi went off! When my eyes cleared I saw it was Grandad. And there was Miss Lea! The Cookie Lady HERSELF! She offered me a cookie right off the bat. My kind of person!

I got to sniff the WHOLE store! Even the kitchen area. It's like I was a celebrity or something! I should have left her my pawtograph but I was a little frazzeled by my first public appearence by demand. I'll be back Miss Lea! I did see she had my Christmas card up on her bulletin board. Mom and Dad got me a bunch of cookies to refill my cookie jar - it's about time! - at home. I was really glad to get to visit Miss Lea at Poochini's. She's a really nice lady and she gave some really good scritches. That's what I look for in my human friends you know.

Tomorrow we're heading back home. It's been a great trip - and I got to sleep over at Grandma and Grandad's (and I've been invited to come back!) which was new for me. It was nice to see Uncle Marty and Aunt Sharon, wish we could see them more often. And my trip to Poochini's was PAWESOME! Miss Lea says she reads my blog as often as she can so I'm going to send her Cyber Nose Kisses!

OK, I'm tired. I've had a busy day and tomorrow is just as busy.

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess, we should have pcitures up by tomorrow evening. Apologies again for not being able to get them right.

Friday, December 26, 2008

First Pei of Christmas or First Day of Peimas

Today is the First Day of Christmas. Or the First Pei of Christmas, or the First Day of Peimas. Hmm, all of the above I think. And what do you get on the First Day? No, not partridges in pear trees. You get NOSE KISSES!

So, remember Uncle Marty owed me Nose Kisses because I got him to Toronto safely? Here I am trying to collect. Aunt Sharon said I did my 90% but Uncle Marty didn't do his 10%. I'll have to work on him.
So what did I get for Christmas here in Newmarket?

Cookies! And stuffies and Uncle Marty took video of me! We'll post that once Mommy figures out how.

Oh! Gotta go! I smell turkey coming out of the oven!

Sniff ya later!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bolo Saves Christmas

I wasn't sure Santa Paws would understand but he figured it out. See, the Christmas Tree is on the main floor and our fireplace is in the finished part of the basement. No fear! He figured it out! So I got Rollover in my stocking and a Scrooge Stuffie!

Are you going to give me that stuffie?
Yeah, another present. Wrapped in yellow snow paper. Very artistic. Can I get back to my stuffie now?
That's can't be for me.
Bolo 1, Scrooge 0. Christmas has been saved!

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas! Happy Hanukkah

So It's Christmas Eve here! Mom and I are tracking Santa Paws with Norad. As I write this he's left Australia and he's flying around Russia. Wait, he still needs to hit Western Australia. But he's on his way!

We're not Jewish, but today is the 3rd day of Hanukkah so we want to wish any and all of our Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah! I know Hanukkah doesn't hae a Santa Paws type gift giver but I hope doggies are remembered for Hanukkah too.

This is traditionally the Night The Animals Talk. So everyone get ready because I'm sure we all have an awful lot to say!

So my bud, Biggie Z has been ABANDONED by his peeps while they're off doing people type things this Christmas. I'm planning a rescue mission. We can all be Ninja-Peis! You can't see Ninja-Peis, because they are Ninjas, but here I am practicing my sneak and hide. Anyway, I need some help breaking him out. Any other Ninja-Peis out there (or Ninja-Beagles, Ninja-Corgies, Ninja-Airedales, you get the picture)?
And finally, Dad made a cake for his coworkers last night. Mom made one the night before. Let me show you the difference in thier thinking.

This in Mom's cake.
This is Dad's cake.

'Nuff said. Gotta love em.

Best wishes for the Howlidays to everyone!

Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blogspiration Needed

I wasn't sure I'd have something interesting to write about today, but I asked Dad and mom for some blogspiration and I got some! They're not just walking opposible thumbs you know!

Well, you all know that on Friday we had A LOT of snow.

About that much snow. That's what was up against the front door. You can see Daddy shovelling in the background. My Dad is a GREAT shoveller. Unfortunately, he gets lots of practice.

Mommy cuddled me lots this morning so I'll post an ornament for her.

This one is really special she says because it was a gift a long long long time ago from her grandmother JaJa (who crossed the bridge at Easter this past year).

Oh ok, I'll post another one.
This one was a gift from Grandma and Grandad a few years ago. Grandad says Mom is his little Princess.

OK, that's it. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so I'd better think of something AMAZING to write about so you'll have something good to read while waiting for Santa Paws (or his local equivalent). I encourage everyone to follow Santa with Norad. I will be!

Sniff ya later!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Power of Dog - Part 2

First of all, I want to thank EVERYONE for helping me yesterday. Uncle Marty got Home! YAY! I worked hard on getting him home and I know a bunch of my friends did too. Uncle Marty even sent me a thank you pee-mail message AND he wrote a comment thanking everyone! Ah. A job well done. You can let me kiss your nose when I see you Uncle Marty! Pei laughter. He probably won't but maybe I can snuffle his ear instead.

So remember yesterday I had my social secretary (Mom) call Poochini's Barkery because Lea was a fan of my nose. Well, Mommy likes this story, she got a good laugh. She called them yesterday to let them know when we'd be around. Lea wasn't there when we called but whoever answered the phone said Oh! The one with the Blog! when Mom said it was Bolo's Mom calling. Pei laughter. I'll be there to meet you soon everyone at Poochini's!

And finally, today's ornament.
If I missed anything I'll blog about it tomorrow. I'm going back to bed. Thanks again EVERYONE for helping get Uncle Marty home.

Sniff ya later!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Power of Dog; and a special request

OK everypuppy, kitty hammie and human. We have a BIG job to do today. We have to get Uncle Marty (and everyone else stranded at airports) home. So I need everyone to concentrate with me please. The Weather Network say 4 cm of snow for Toronto. Uncle Marty's plane has now been cancelled 3 times, he was supposed to be in Friday after noon, then Friday evening/Early Saturday, then Sunday afternoon and now it's Sunday evening. He HAS to be home tonight, I have decreed it. So I'm going to be concentrating on keeping the snow away from the flight path for his plane. I'm going to ask all the puppies, kitties, hammies nad humans to concentrate on getting everyone stranded at airports to thier destinations. If you're waiting for someone in particular, you concentrate on them. I know the Power of Dog can get them home.

Before we start that, here's today's ornament from Mom.And lastly, I got a phone call yesterday from Grandad! He said Lea at Poochini's Barkery LOVED my Christmas Card and wants to meet me in person! So by special request I've asked my social secretary, Mom, to arrange it. I'll be there Lea!

OK, everyone start concentrating! I need Uncle Marty Home!

Sniff ya later!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Snoopervisor

Hello all! See that picture? That's me almost three years ago. One of the first pictures taken of me. Grandpaw took it. We had gone to his house for the weekend and took a walk in the snow. I look really good on snow don't I? Those legs in the background belong to Mom.

So, what am I snoopervising today you ask. Making stew. Mom promised some stew to a friend so she's making stew as they're supposed to go out for lunch together today. Notice -I- was not invited. Something to do with restaurants not accepting dogs. Pffft. Mom says she also has to bake a cake for work on Monday. Dad has some stuff to do too that I'll need to snoopervise.

So here's the next ornament in the series. Mom owes me some good cuddles now. I'm looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess, I need to apologize to Uncle Marty. All my Shar Pei magic yesterday to divert the snowstorm meant Uncle Marty was stuck in Nashville Tennesee not able to get to Toronto. Uncle Marty, I promise tomorrow I'll concentrate on getting you home to Toronto and Aunt Sharon. I'm going to ask all my friends to use thier doggy senses to get Uncle Marty - and everyone else- stranded at airports to thier proper destinations. We can do this everypuppy.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bolo's Friday Weather Report and Other Adventures

We're supposed to have snow. Unless I can magically divert it south to River and Eduardo in Georgia. Trust me guys, I'm working on it! They have downgraded the amount of snow we are supposed to get from 40cm to 10cm. So part of my magic apparently has worked, but I'm still working on it.

Mom asked nicely if I would post some of her other Christmas Ornaments. I said ok, but it'll cost you some cuddles. She was all too willing to pay - I mean pei. Pei laughter. So here is the start of her Patriotic Christmas Ornaments, they'll be a couple.
I think it should be a Shar Pei. Oh well, back to work diverting snowstorms!

Sniff ya later!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Own Christmas Meme Thing

Can you believe it? We're expecting more snow tomorrow AND Sunday. It's cold and deep enough, do we really need more? River in Georgia is craving it. Send it to him! I have more than my share!

I'd mail you some River but I'm not sure it would last. How do you write that on the customs declaration? What are you sending? Snow. Ooo, it's an edible product, they might not let me send it at all.

I've decided to start my own Christmas Meme thing. Mom has some really nice Christmas Ornaments. I want to see a silly one that YOUR family has. This is ours. Mom says she bought it at Regal a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.

So, TAG! You're It!

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate my 200th post yesterday. I though Mommy could have put 200 pictures of me out, she wanted to as well but she said she'd still be working on it today and that would have missed the point. Anyway, it was still a very nice thought. I was pretty busy yesterday, lots to do.

First I had to snoopervise Mom doing that 200 banner. Then, if you remember back as far as the end of Nosevember, or if you don't here's a linky, Daddy had to write a big important test. Well he got the results this week and he passed! YAY Daddy! So Mom and I went to get him some flowers and we delivered them yesterday. Only Daddy was in a meeting so they just let us up to his desk and we left them on his chair. He said he was surprised. I'm glad we could do that for him. As an odd bit of coincidence, Dad can now add CSP after his name. Does that make him a Chinese Shar Pei?

Then it was off to PetSmart. I'm going to Day Care again today! Is that part of my celebration for 200th post? Sure, why not! Mom said the bath I got on Tuesday night was part of the celebration. Somehow, I don't agree. She also said the nail trim (mani/pedi she called it) was part of the celebration too. Uhm, if it's MY celebration, why am I being totured with nail trims and baths? That's what I'd like to know.
Anyway, I'm all ready to go to Day Care. If someone wants to open the door. What? They only open at 7am? Well why did they wake me up so early. I'm going to have a nap.

Sniff ya later.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sometimes Mom has good ideas.

The many noses of Bolo, CSP. Happy 200th post to me!

Sniff ya later!

Monday, December 15, 2008


According to my blogger counter, todays' post is 199. I'm going to have to plan something big for 200. Better get thinking on that.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Adventures!

I was busy snoopervising again. This time it was the putting up of the Christmas tree inside and the Christmas lights outside. Mom hasn't gotten a picture of the Christmas lights outside because we were busy this evening.
We were at Great-Granny's for a little before Christmas supper. Uhm, I can help you there Great Gran! I'm an excellent snoopervisor!
I also had to investigate. Look what I found in great-Granny's arms! What a curious little thing.
OK Dad, time to go home I think. I need a nap after all this snoopervising.

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess, for those who wanted to see Mommy's cake, here it is.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Snoopervisor

Phew, I almost didn't make a Saturday post! But here it is! I had to help Dad with a puzzle. As you can see, I was helping really hard.

Mom was off doing what Mom's do. Oh, and I had to snoopervise her making a cake. No pictures yet, it's not finished. She needs to ice it. And who'll be around to snoopervise that? ME!

Ack! I have to get back to snoopervising! Someone is doing something without me!

Sniff ya later!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Weather Report

It's still dark out, how can I give a weather report if it's dark out? Pei sigh. I can tell you that at 130 this morning, when I got up because I needed to GO, Daddy opened the door for me and it was cold and dark and I did my little thing and came back in to cuddle with Mommy. Then she left the bed and she's still gone. I think she's been awake the whole time since I got up. (Yes, she has. Mom) Oh boy. Am I in trouble? (No. Mom) Phew!

So anyway, that picture was taken yesterday. Once Mom has a good night's sleep I'll bug her to take more pictures of me in the snow. (Thank you. Mom.) She tried yesterday, but just read yesterday's post and you'll understand.

Anyway, for my first Weather Report back, I'm going to say it's stay home and cuddle weather!

Sniff ya later!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh yeah?

Go outside Bolo so I can take pictures of you in the snow. That's what she says to me. Pay attention to what I'm wearing because she was in boots, pants, shirts AND dressing gown. Me? No, no boots, no pants, no shirts, no dressing gown. It was COLD!
Just for that, I'm not letting you take any good pictures of me Mom!

Now that I'm back inside and getting toasty, I had lots of fun at Day Care yesterday. No one got hurt, always good, and I had a my own personal person! They love me there for some reason.

Mom and Dad and I played Pass the Pei this morning. Daddy was cuddling me but he needed to go shower so he passed me to Mommy for cuddles. Then Mommy decided she needed to pee before Daddy jumped in the shower so she passed me back to Daddy for cuddles. She came back and Daddy passed me to Mommy. It's a good thing it wasn't going too fast because I could have gotten some motion sickness there.

Have a good day everyone!

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


No, I'm not crying there, Mom caught me mid yawn. I look very newbornish don't I though. Dad says the picture looks scary. Mom thinks I look rather cute. I have to admit, it is a startling photo.

Mom and Dad mentioned something about adventuring today. I'm going to wait until my lunch box is packed before I get excited. I think I'm going to Day Care because I'm pretty sure I heard Mom call them yesterday. Oh, we dropped off a Christmas Card to my friends at the PetsHotel. Everyone went Awwwwww. And I got lots and lots of lovin'. Pei sighs. As it should be. Pei laughter.

Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


There was some serious cuddle deprivation going on yesterday. But this morning, I woke up in a cuddle. Ahhhh. Mommy even wrapped me up in her blankie when she went off to pee. That was nice of her. Then she came back to bed and I got even move cuddles. Daddy came back to bed too and there was some Bolo sandwiching going on. I think they might still be a little cuddle deprived but I did my best for them. It's tough work though.

It's really snowing here and we're under a Winter Storm Watch, mostly because they expect freezing rain later today. I think it's a perfect day to stay in and cuddle! We'll wrap ourselves in thermal blankets and while away the day curled up together. I also think Daddy should come home and join us. It's a big bed, we might have room for a few more in need of cuddles. Any takers?

Sniff ya later!

Monday, December 8, 2008

2, 4, 6, 8

Eduardo tagged me for something called 6th Folder. I thought it had something to do with Origami - Dad is a great origami artist - but No, it's Photo Folders. Go to your photo folder and take the 6th folder, then the 6th picture and post it. So I looked, and it's not a picture of ME.

So I went looking at pictures.
This one is a picture of me but I'm heading into the BATH. NIGHTMARE FODDER!
Very pretty, but not ME, and this it MY blog.
Cute, it's a shar pei, but it's not ME. C'mon Mom, I know you have tons of pictures of me.
YAY! Finally! It's not current apparently, there's no snow. You know what, it'll do!
That's better! Me and Daddy's leg. Yup, that's a great picture.

If you think this was fun, then you do it! Tag, you're it!

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess, just got back from taking Daddy to work and it's SUPER COLD outside. Dad said if it stays at -30 C with the windchill I'm going to need a jacket. I'd like a Harley Pei-vidson jacket please!