Monday, December 31, 2012

Mayhem Monday! - Happy New Year!

Mayhem here!

Fun times going on at this house.

I'm feeling a little better about my people leaving me here - enough to give Chingmy a smackdown every now and then when she tries to nip me.  Temp-Mom says we should realize that she's the QB in this house and act accordingly.

There have been good walks - with and without Chingmy.  Some good sleeping on the couch time and lots of trips to PetSmart.  I heard a rumour I was going to go to Daycare one day but the closest I've been is walking Puppy to his school/daycare.  Oh, yeah, and I got a nail trim.  Not sure why Temp-Mom wanted me to get one of those.  Although it did mean I had the undivided attention of TWO lovely people for a few minutes.

That's about it.

Temp-Mom says, since today is my blog post and it's the last day of the year, I get to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

So, here you go:

Happy New Year!

Wow.  Really?  She couldn't think of something a little harder for me to do?  Really?

Oh well, Mayhem Out!  PEACE!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

In case you didn't get it, here's our Christmas Card from this year.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Chingmy Kisses!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

We're All Ready!

Hi there!

Chingmy here!

I don't know about any of you, but we're all ready for Christmas at our house!  See:

All that's left now is to wait.

Chingmy Kisses!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday with Santa Paws


Chingmy here!

Mom took us to see Santa Paws - as promised! 

That's me - in case you'd forgotten.  I launched myself out of the chair a few times because I had to give kisses to the photographer she was doing such a good job.

And as you ca see, Mayhem tried to blend in with Santa's beard in the hopes of going out with him next week.  A valiant effort Mayhem!

This being my first visit to meet Santa Paws, I wasn't sure what to ask him, so I just gave him...

Chingmy Kisses!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Telling about Mayhem Monday!


Chingmy here!

Had you forgotten what I look like?

I almost did!  We've just been SUPER BUSY here getting ready for Christmas and Mom reading her Kobo and Puppy running around like a goof.  Me stressing out about being in my kennel - I don't like it and I don't care who know is - going to classes and walks with Mom and Dad and Puppy.

We're also REALLY behind in reading Blogs.  We're a little better with Facebook.  I do want to send out good Pei Vibes to Miss Honey Dog for her surgery

So, besides having the Christmas Tree Up and NOT having gone to visit Santa paws YET - Mom says we need to go this Sunday or it won't happen at all.  I think we should go stand in line NOW to see Santa Paws.  I've heard so many nice things about him!

Lastly, I have a Temporary Sisfur!  She says you all know her, but I've only met her a few times.  She's been here since Sunday and Mom and Dad say she'll be here for most of the winter.  I'll let her say Hi.

Chingmy Kisses!

Mayhem Monday is back!

Do you remember back in August when I was here?  No?  Let me refresh your memory with this Link.

Yeah, looks like that rumour was true.  I will be here for a while.

That's fine, I don't mind, but I miss my PEOPLE! Mom phoned them yesterday and told them I was fine and I got to snuffle the phone and hear their voices but it's not the same.  Anyway, I'm just going to keep to myself for a little bit until I get over this feeling and then I'll be so in Chingmy's face it won't be funny!

Mayhem out!  PEACE!

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's been a Big Adventure Week!


Chingmy here!

Look at this!

I graduated from Puppy Kindergarten!

That was Monday.  Then on Tuesday, I went back again.  I asked Mom why and she said because this time we're training Puppy to work with me.  Sure, ok.  I still get treats right?

Anyway, I have to show you my pictures!

All of us got celebratory ice cream!

Oh, did I finish that?

Giving Miss Tanya thank you kisses!

Mom, this Hat is Dorky.  That's why you cropped yourself out of the picture isn't it?

Chingmy Kisses!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weird Things on Wednesday - Thursday Edition

Hi There!

Chingmy Here!

Strange Things are happening at our house.

Yesterday I got to meet my Grammy and Bionic Grampy.  Then I got to ride in their CAR to pick up my Puppy from School!  Somewhere between School and our house, Puppy, Grammy and Grampy disappeared!  No idea where they went, Mom's not worried but I AM!  (Mom: Puppy is at Grammy and Grampy's for a bit.  He's coming back, don't worry.)

I keep looking for Puppy but he still hasn't shown up.  I'm keeping my eyes open!  But if any of you see him, let me know!

In other news, I had to go and visit my lovely Veterinarian yesterday to get a "shot".  Do "shots" have anything to do with ear scratches?  Because I certainly got a lot of those!  I also gave a LOT of kisses.  These ladies work hard and I made sure to tell them that I appreciate them taking good care of me.

I'm ready.  Are you?

 Around this corner Mom!

That's a cookie.  Are you sharing?

The Vet Tech has left and Mom and Dad aren't opening the door...

I shall make my escape from the window to find someone else to give...

Chingmy Kisses!

Pei-Ess I got to play with a dead squirrel!  Mom thought it was a t-shirt but I knew differently, so did Dad.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I've been busy


Chingmy here!

I have been SO busy!  There's been lots of stuff to do around here, taking care of Mom and Dad and Puppy.

I've discovered that some people don't like me!  Can you believe that?  How could someone NOT like me?  I mean, there I was being cute and wonderful and charming while waiting for Dad and Puppy to bring back food and some people just passed by!  Some people even avoided me! sad pei face

I've also been really busy with school - last week we learned Come and this week we learned Come with Sit.  The fun part was that our wonderful trainer Miss Tanya was working with Mom and I out in the store.  At first I wanted to stick with Mom on the Come and Sit, but then I got a whiff of the treats Miss Tanya had and I didn't want to go back and see Mom!  We all had fun - especially me!

Oh, and did you see, I got a new collar.  Black with pink paw prints.  Classic yet feminine.   I out grew my Bling collar.  Sigh.  Wish they made those in bigger sizes.  It'll do for now.  Mom says I'll outgrow this one in a bit too.  Maybe by then, the collar people will have one with Bling for me.

Chingmy Kisses!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Things I've Learned - By Chingmy


Chingmy Here!

I am most distressed friends.

I have discovered that if it's raining in the backyard than it is also raining in the front yard.  I'm a little upset about that.

Other things I have discovered, Mom and Dad don't want me chewing on them yet when I do get something good to chew on the first thing they do is stick their fingers in my mouth to see what I'm chewing on!  How UNFAIR!

On to my schooling.  I've got Sit and Watch Me pretty much down pat - unless I'm SUPER excited - which never happens - except when it does.    I'm rocking the Take It and Leave It Homework.  Leave It on it's own is still a work in progress.  I'll do a Down but only if I'm on a comfortable floor.  I have standards you know.  I've also decided that Loose Leash Walking should be for other puppies.  Mom does not agree.  We'll have to discuss that.

I'm looking forward to finding out what we're doing at the next class!  I'm having SO MUCH FUN!  Except for one of the parents who doesn't appreciate my drool.  I'm a Puppy!  It's not like a peed on anyone yet.

Chingmy Kisses!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo Friday

Chingmy here!

 Did you know that Shar Peis can be lap dogs?  I have proof!
Mom says that this also proves she has a lap.  No idea why that's important to her.  Hey!  Do you like my bling?

So at Kindergarten this past week Mom and I learned Loose Leash Walking.  I can't say I enjoyed that.  Who wants to walk as slow as Mom? Certainly not ME.  I have things to explore and investigate!  My life is a Noseventure right?  Mom REALLY needs to move faster.  I think Puppy should have the other end of the leash, he moves FAST.  I could move that FAST.  If Mom would let me!

In other news, I'm getting REALLY good with Watch Me and Sit! 

Ok, bed time!

Chingmy Kisses!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Food Review Friday


Chingmy Here!

I want to give you a review of my training treats.  Mom and I went out the other night to a Puppy Seminar and I got to meet 2 Labradorish puppies, Stella - a Boston Terrier who is my Puppy Kindergarten class; a Pug and a Chow Chow!  Mom loved seeing the Chow Chow and I standing next to each other.

Anyway, the Chow Chow's parents asked for our treat recommendation so of course, now I have to pass it on to you.  First, let me put on my serious face:

So Mom picked up two types of treats for me:
Zukes Jerky Naturals - Tender Lamb Recipe
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Bites - Salmon

Here's my review:

I Like Em!

Chingmy Kisses!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Mom wanted to post a picture of me that was not flattering - I was in the middle of some personal hygeine.  Anyway, I managed to momentarily wrestle control of the computer away from her and post this one in stead:


Chingmy Kisses!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gardening Pupdate

Just came back from Puppy KinderGARDENING.  What?  Hang on, Mom says that's still not right.    Just came back from Puppy Kindergarden, Class 1.  Mom is such a Party Pooper!  I know what Gardening is, I spent last weekend helping Dad in the garden at his Grandmother's House.

We're a big class of 10 and I'm not he smallest!  How exciting!  Miss Tanya is my teacher.  Mom says that Miss Tanya taught Mr Bolo AND Mr. Shih Kwan - WAY before my time.  That's exciting.  I tried to give her many MANY kisses but she didn't sit next to me.  She sat next to this bigger dog named Gypsy and fed her treats. Humph.  I wasn't TOO jealous.  Well, maybe a little bit.  Ok, a LOT.

OH!  Speaking of treats, MOM picked out some good ones for me.  Salmon Jerky - Grain Free and Lamb and Fruit, also Grain Free.  Once I get a hold of the bags, I'll write a proper review like I see other puppies doing.

And finally, we got in the door after class and I drank some water and Mom sent me outside to sniff the night air and I saw this HUGE cat sitting on my fence.  I know it's a Cat because my Fafur comes from a house with Cats and he told me all about them.  I'm not kidding you, this Cat was almost twice my size!  I didn't bark, I didn't approach it or anything.  But let me tell you, one day I'm going to put on my Big Girl Panties and I'm going to tell that Cat to GET LOST!  I just have to get a little bigger.

Just a picture and then I'm off to bed. Learning things is exhausti-pei-ting!  (I learned that from Mr. Bolo's parat of the Blog!)

Chingmy Kisses!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Woes and Wonders


Chingmy here!

The most AWFUL thing happened this weekend.  Mom took me out for a walk IN THE RAIN!

I've read Mr. Bolo's Blog Post, I know Shar Peis are made out of sugar.  I could have melted away!
I gave her a look that said, "Make it stop!" but she couldn't!  It was DEVASTATING!

It was quite fun when we got to the store though.  Mom put me in the blue shopping cart!  I didn't get to meet any doggies but I certainly got a LOT of lovin' from people!  And the whole staff of the PetSmart know me now.  I walk in and they say "Hi Chingmy!"

Mom says we start gardening Monday.  Isn't that right Mom?  (Mom here, Puppy Kindergarten starts Monday)  Yeah, what she said.  She said we needed TREATS.  Of course, then I had to taste test everything when I got home.  I might have to post a review after gardening .  (Mom: Kindergarten!)

So there we were, Mom and I, reading all our blog friend blogs when we come to The Poupounette who say they've given me an award!

Oh my DOG!  What do I do with an award?

Oh?  Really?  I need to pass it on to 5 friends. 

Uhm I'm a little embarrassed to ask, do I have 5 friends? 

The Poupounette - but they're the ones who sent it.  So uhm, maybe I can send it to:
Miss Honey Great Dane
Mr. Dexter Wonderdog
Benny and Lily Bulldog
Mr. Mitch and Miss Molly Airedale
Mr. Gummi Wrigglebutt

Is that 5?  I can't really count yet you know.

Ok, I'd better nap if I have to kindergarten (Hap-pei Mom?) tomorrow.

Chingmy Kisses!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Pei Whispers: I found a nice place to sleep.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!


Chingmy here!  It's Thanksgiving here at our house.  Mom says this is when we think about being Thankful for everything we have.  I'm Thankful I have a good family who love me, a brother who plays with me, a Dad who takes me on walks and a Mom who feeds me cheese.  I like cheese.  And green beans.  And carrots.  And paper.  And Puppy's toys.  And Mom's toes.  Oops.

Mom says I have to learn to focus.  Working on it.

So I have had a VERY busy week.  I've been reading through Mr. Bolo's part of the Blog.  Wow.  Am I going to be that busy with Adventures?  I also met my Grandma and my Grandad.  They're nice people and very kissable, although Grandma wouldn't let me kiss her face, I did manage to snuffle her ear.  I gave Grandad a big sloppy kiss and made him laugh.

I've met Horse who lives in the field behind the house.  Oh!  I also met BIG Camera!  Here are some pictures of me!

See how tiny I am?  I really tryr and stay right near my people when they walk so that I don't get lost.  Mom actually asked me if I could grow up sooner so she could stop tripping over me.  Is that a good thing?  I can't tell.

Going through the blog, I saw Mr. Bolo like this alot so I thought I'd try it.  Mom's heart melted a little bit.

Mom says I'm also one of the most food centric Shar Peis she has ever met and she says I'm going to be a counter surfer.  Is that a good thing?  I can't tell.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go and nap now.  Apparently we're having company tonight for a big dinner.  I'd better rest up.

Chingmy Kisses!

Pei Ess - Thank you for stopping by and being my friend.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

What a WEEK!


Chingmy here!

I've had a VERY busy week.  Lots of SOCIALIZING.   Lots of chewing.  Mom and Dad aren't too happy about that.  Mostly because I like to eat toes!  And furniture, and socks, and Puppy's toys and the desks, and today I chewed a really tasty rope.  Dad wasn't too happy about that because apparently I broke the Internets.  Oh oh.

He was able to fix it.  Dad is a very interesting person and knows how to do so many fun things!

Mom though, wow, I'm trying but she's very hard to please.  Don't eat my toes, Don't eat my pants, Don't eat Puppy's toys, Don't eat PUPPY!  I'm really confused because Puppy jumped me first!  I was only retaliating!  Every now and then though Mom picks me up, cuddles me and says, "I do love you Chingmy."  Love you too Mom!

Apparently there is something called the BIG CAMERA.  I don't think I've seen it yet, I just see the little one that Mom holds in her hand.  But it takes some good pictures, like that one up there.  And this one:

Chingmy Kisses!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Say it Ain't So!

Just read that Mango Relentlessly huge has crossed the bridge. 

Our whole family is upset upon hearing this news.  Mango was such a Relentlessly Huge presence in the DWB community.  We're sending Pei-Vibes to Mango Momma, Mango Dad and Dexter to help get them through this.

I can see Bolo (among other absent DWBers) meeting Mango at the Bridge.  Showing him the ropes and finding him the best spot in the place to keep watch on his Estate from up there.

Sending Love, Mom, Dad, Puppy and Chingmy.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

She Speaks Sunday!


I'm Chingmy!

That wasn't always my name, but it's the one that I have now.

What a strange week it's been!  Like, last week I was with my Brofur, my Sisfur and my Fafur and now I'm HERE and I'm the only one that HAS fur.  FREAKY!

I kind of like it here.  Man-who-says-to-call-him-Dad, I've got him wrapped around my little paw.

Boy-who-I'm-told-to-call-Puppy, well, he plays a little rough but I can dish it out too!  I'm not a delicate little flower you know!  Except when I am.

And the Lady-who-Dad-says-to-call-Mom, well, she's a tougher nut to crack.  Sometimes she seems a little sad, and then she gives me a little yummy orange things called a carrot and I think "I've got her!" and then she stops giving me carrots.  I'm going to have to work on her.

Let me tell you what I've been doing this week.  SOCIALIZING!  Well, that's what Dad calls it.  I've been to all sorts of places where I walk in the door and everyone turns and goes "OOOOOO!"  Then they rush over to get Chingmy kisses!  If I had a dollar for every Chingmy kiss I've handed out this week, I could buy myself more of that Kong Stuff'n to put in my puppy kong.

OOOOO!  Mom refilled it!  Gotta GO!

Chingmy Kisses!  (that one is free, the rest will cost ya!  puppy giggles)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Friday!

Chingmy is still trying to find her voice.  Teaching a dog about social media is slightly easier than potty training a 3 year old so she should be ready to speak soon.  Until then, enjoy:

Yes, that is Puppy's Car Seat.

That's the leg of Dad's Chair.

She does do more than sleep by the way.  I just haven't caught it in pixels yet!

-The Mom.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Movie Monday

I couldn't resist.  Not sure who is walking who though. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hap-Pei Pei Day!

It was Pei Day for us today, we met and brought home Chingmy (pronounced Ching-me).  Wish we could have brought home her Sister too, but we could only take one.  :-(  It was a hard decision to make but we brought home the Adventurous One - the one who showed the most interest in us.  Sister was a little shier and took a while to warm up to us.  She Who Became Chingmy was nervous but very interested in us.  Especially Puppy.

Both Puppy and Chingmy slept most of the way home.  After supper off they went to explore the park in the back of the complex.  I'm sure Puppy slid down the slide and Chingmy learned more about leash walking than she ever dreamed was needed.  Now she's asleep at Dad's feet.  It's like she had a tiring day or something.

 She hasn't found her voice yet, when she does, you'll hear her on the blog.  Until then, bask in the Cuteness that is Pei:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Change is in the Air

It's time to retire this header photo:

I wanted to get through Bolo's Birthday yesterday before I mentioned anything but a new Pei will be wrinkling their way into our hearts come Sunday night.

I have to admit, I didn't handle Bolo's Birthday too well.  I had quite a few teary moments, but I'm sure that will pass eventually.  Thank you to everyone who wrote comments, I'm sure Bolo celebrated with all his old and new friends. 

Anyway, that's my problem to work through.  The new Peiby (rhymes with baby) will be introduced by Tuesday at the latest.

Until next time.  -The Mom.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Bolo.

Today would have been Bolo's 7th Birthday.

We miss you little guy.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mayhem Monday

Hi!  Me again!

I'm at home now but I kind of snuck back on the blog just to let you know I had HUGE funs over at Puppy's house.
I got to ride in the car lots and lots and pick up Puppy's Mom from work and pick up Puppy's Dad from work and bark at the Turnip People (that's what Puppy's Dad thought I was doing all the time But I just wanted him to install more windows.)  We all had a good week together though.  It's nice to be home on my own pillows though.  I even missed my sister Khaya.  Just a little bit thought.

Mayhem Out!

Oh my DOG!  How did THAT picture end up there?  Oh no, how do you delete stuff?  This button?  No, this one?  ARGHHHH! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo Friday - Mayhem Addition

And where have YOU been?

Mayhem Out!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mayhem Monday on Thursday!

Hi!  Me again!

As you can see, I've found the best place in the house to lounge - the top of the sofa!  Normally at my house I'd be looking out over my backyard and my lake, but here I'm stuck looking at a wall.  There REALLY need to be more windows put in this house!

In other news, two days in a row now that I've been responsible for picking Puppy up at his Day Care.  This has meant that I have had to go into the day care and pick out Puppy personally and drag him home.  I - of course - make it my mission to give everyone many kisses when I see them.  All of Puppy's little playmates seem to think I'm kind of cute.  Puppy even comes running over and says "Kitses Poopky."  I give good kisses.

That's it from me!  Mayhem Out!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mayhem Monday on Wednesday!

Hi All!  Mayhem here!

I'm visiting for a few days.  Puppy has been visiting me a lot this summer so I thought I'd return the favour! 

It's very different being here.  There aren't nearly enough windows that I can look out.  Puppy's Parents are more than happy to take me out on walks so I can have a look at the neighbourhood.  This morning Puppy even took me out for a walk!  With his Mom of course.

There's a rumour that I'll be coming for a longer visit this winter and that this is a test run.  I don't believe it for a second.

Look for more posts from me this week!  Nice to see everyone again!

Mayhem out!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bolo's Legacy

I can't believe a month has gone by since Bolo crossed The Bridge, yet every day has seemed like an eternity.  What a strange paradox.

I think it was very good for Puppy to have Baja come to visit.  Bolo was very protective of Puppy but was never too keen on having Puppy cuddle him, or touch him even.  Baja was ok with being squished, almost fallen on, I'm sure we all stepped on her coat accidentally at one time or another, and she certainly didn't mind toddler cuddles:

It certainly showed me what a strong influence Bolo had on Puppy.  I wondered when Bolo crossed what, if anything, Puppy would take away from the experience of having Bolo in his life - I wanted him to have SOMETHING.  I was almost desperate to see ANYTHING in Puppy that Bolo had provided the influence for.  I saw what it was this past week.

It was Puppy's responsibility to put down Baja's food bowl twice a day.  He did an awesome job, and actually eagerly volunteered for it.

It was also Puppy's job to feed Baja cookies after walkies.  He was excellent at this job, and again, he volunteered.

Thank you Bolo for teaching Puppy to care for others so well and without any prompting.

The Mom