Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stuffy on Sunday

Remember me?

Hi!  It's Stuffy!

I've been really busy being Puppy's #1 favorite carry everywhere toy.  I've been to school, I've been on the bus, to the museums, the store.  I even took Puppy for a haircut a while back.  VERY exciting!

That only means I'm not as active with Chingmy.  Puppy tends to be protective of me because Chingmy likes to put everything and everyone in her mouth - including me.

We did make a nice trip out to visit Grammy and Bionic Grampy last weekend (Mom only got the pictures up on Friday - a bit of slacking off there Mom).  You'll never guess who I saw!

That's right! It's Mayhem!

And she'd gotten a haircut!  She's really happy to be home too because she really missed her windows when she was at our house.

The, of course, Mom realized that we had no picture of Chingmy and I together.  So here it is:

So, remember when I played Camp Leader Stuffy for Baja last summer?  I might get the chance to be Camp Leader Stuffy to another dog this summer.  We'll see if he gets along with Chingmy or not.  We're supposed to meet him sometime in the next two weeks or so.

That's my whole report!  Take Care!