Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pawlimpics Reminder!

This is just a reminder for everyone to send their Pawlimpics entries into Lenny! Today is the LAST DAY for ENTRIES! I'm going to go look at Mommy's collection of pictures one more time to see if I can enter in anymore categories.

I sent in my entries yesterday! Here's my entry for the sleeping competition. I don't remember the picture being taken, but I do remember it was my first visit EVER to Granny and Grandpaw's house. I don't even remember if they had adopted Khaya yet. As you can see, I was just exhausti-pei-tated! But I had done some running and sniffing and investigating and we had gone down to the lake which was frozen over and we got to walk on a bit. Just a bit, we didn't go far. I was only about 4 months old then. Dog, was I ever cute! That's Mommy I'm cuddled up to.

Ok, I've got to go see if I can enter in anything else! Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday Softball on Wednesday!

Tuesday was Softball Day! So why am I writing on Wednesday? Because Mommy was hogging the computer. She kind of made up for it by giving me super cuddles this morning, so I might forgive her.

So, Tuesday's softball game! Daddy's regular team had two more players than the visiting team so Daddy was moved over to the visiting team, just for that game. He'll go back to his regular team next week. I'm getting off track.

I'd like to point out that Daddy's regular team is all made up of older people. In their later 30's up to probably about 50. Daddy's new teammates were all , I'm going to guess, under 25 years of age. Which could explain how Daddy's new team trounced (I like that word!) Daddy's regular team. I'd like to think Daddy had something to do with it, and he did hit very well the 5 or 7 times he was up at bat, but that would be deluding myself and others and I'm not in that frame of mind right now. The score was something really high for Daddy's new team and 2 for Daddy's regular team. At least it wasn't a shut out.

Here I am at first base getting ready to run to second.

Mommy didn't take very many pictures because she was busy cuddling me. The kennel stayed at home. Whee! My fan club wasn't there though, apparently they're on vacation. Bummer. I did manage to mooch cuddles off of almost everyone though. Mommy could not believe how shameless I was in climbing into one of Daddy's new teammate's lap and then laughing. I thought he needed a pick me up because he had struck out his last time at bat.

That's about it for Softball Tuesday. What am I doing today? I think I'll nap, have an adventure and then nap some more. Sniff ya later!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning Report

Hello everypup. Time for Bolo's Monday Morning Report.

I had a wonderful weekend full of cuddles and naps and adventures with Daddy. He had friends over and I had to sniff and bark and check them out and mooch scratches from them. Sounds rough eh?

I want to introduce you to one of my toys. I mentioned it in a earlier post. It's one of the few toys that I have in one piece. I admit it, I'm a stuffie destroyer. Is there a support group for that? Anyway, meet Yellow Buddy. Also know as Buddy or Yellow Bud. He's blue on the other side, but he's still called Yellow Bud. My week is starting off slowly, but I'm ok with that. Mommy and Daddy were mentioning it was going to pick up speed by the weekend. It's going to be a Holiday Weekend here and we're expecting company. Company! That means people to sniff! And bark at! And mooch more scratches off of!

Sniff ya later every pup! I have to go rest up for the weekend.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bolo's Friday Weather Report and Other Adventures

Dun da da da! Welcome to Bolo's Friday Weather Report! We have an 80% chance of wags with continued drooling throughout the evening. Expect kissable nose cuteness to carry on throughout the weekend. Pei laughter. That was inspired by Daddy. We've had a wonderful day today as you can see:Beautiful days where Mommy has the car leads to interesting adventures.

Adventure Number 1 - I walked Daddy down to the Subway to see Cheryl - she makes Mommy and Daddy's subs - it's right next to the PetSmart. Just as we passed PetSmart one of the attendents said, Oh! Is Bolo coming to visit us today? Unfortunately no, I have other Adventures to go on.

Adventure Number 2 - Mommy and I drove Daddy to work! This is always fun, but I still worry about Daddy when he goes off without me. I mean, if he's without me, whose going to snoopervise him?!?! Whose going to make sure he gets his daily ration of pei cuddling and nose kisses?!?!?

Adventure Number 3 - A follow up vet visit from all the excitement last Tuesday. Mommy was surprised that the Vet Tech recognized me. Hello! Not a lot of Shar Peis hang out in this neighbourhood you know. I'm getting the feeling that Mommy just likes to be surprised. So I had to wait for a bit because the vet was looking after another puppy who had just had surgery, I hope he was ok. Mommy got me up on that cold table and started kissing my nose. I kept on eye on the vet as he looked at my stitches, said I was healed and then shoved a thermometer up my keister. Mommy was nice enough not to look as I was ahem, undignified, so I had to kiss her nose.

Adventure Number 4 - Rescuing Daddy from work! It's a tough job but somepuppy has to do it. This time Mommy parked at the bottom of the hill and I HAD TO PULL her up. By the way mom, you really need to practice your focusing on ME when I'm pulling your arm because you insist I need a leash. Pei laughter.

The drag was a lot easier to do when we reached that tree at the top. Mommy didn't see these guys until after I spotted them so I pulled her off balance a little bit. Pei laughter. They're mocking me. Can you see them? Mocking me I tell you.Sniff ya later everypup!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I got mail!

I don't often get mail. I have been known to get birthday cards from my grandpawrents and I got a get well email from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Marty, but yesterday - wait for it - I got a box! It's a nice box. I'd be willing to share the box with those puppies who like tearing them apart, I'm not big on that type of destruction - give me a good pillow to rip apart any day. Sorry, I'm getting distracted. I got a box! From Gaia and her Mom! Everything was beautifully packaged! Nice job Gaia's Mom! (I figure Gaia needed help in packaging, she never mentioned opposable thumbs.)
It's my cookie treats! For those of you that don't know this, Gaia's Mom has started her own doggy treat business,

This is the MintyFresh Gourmet. It smelled WONDERFUL! Even Mommy thought so!
Sniff before you chew!
And then gentley take it from your Mommy's fingers because if you grab, you don't get anymore.
And run off and eat it where no one can grab it away from you.
Is there more? Mom? More?

Mom says they didn't travel well. Bummer. Gaia, maybe your Mom and my Mom can get together and discuss my Mom being a Canadian subsiduary? Hmm, maybe I can get Granny in on this too.

Either way, Gaia and Gaia's Mom, these cookies get my very own Shar Pei Sniff of Approval! And I'm a very picky eater my Mom says. Thank you for letting me be one of your test puppies!

I'm off to dream of more cookies! Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Surprise Softball Game!

I LOVE suprises! I forgot that today was TUESDAY! TUESDAY is SOFTBALL DAY! That was a great surprise. Here's me with my fan club. Mommy should stop taking pictures and act more like a bodyguard. I almost had to sign autographs!

And here I am cheering on my team! YAY team! We lost 22-21. I think we were robbed. Very fun game though. My team played wonderfully and I'm so proud of them. Daddy got at least 2 runs in and he's hitting better than he did in the first game. YAY Daddy!

Mommy turned around at just the right time to snap this series. She says she LOVES continuous shooting. I figure maybe she should just get a video camera.
A Shar Pei in motion wants to kiss your nose! Pei laughter.

Sniff ya later!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Adventures!

Remember I said Mommy was making a cake for my Granny's birthday? Yeah, we had to deliver it yesterday. Lucky me! I went with them! A Shar Pei's work is never done you know.

It seemed like a long trip up but I just couldn't get comfortable in the car for some reason, so I couldn't snooze. I managed though.

My cousins Tia, Khaya and Gabe were there. So was my Great-Granny . She's used to having puppy dogs around, as you can see, I'm the recipient of some much needed tail scratches. She's good at those.
And I did get to give my Granny her birthday nose kisses. Unfortunately I couldn't run and play with Khaya because Khaya was recovering from an encounter with a porcupine. 28 quills in her mouth. I'm not sure if she'll learn from this episode.
Tia was quite most of the evening, but she did get in for ear scratches from Daddy's cousin John. Yay Tia!
And here's my cousin Gabe. He's the one the Rainbow Bridge is calling to. Mommy took a great picture of him didn't she?
Sorry this post is late getting out today, we got home very late last night which meant we had to sleep in this morning. Then it was cuddle time and a nap. All very important things. Especially for me! I was the one getting cuddled!

Sniff ya later!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Pirate Adventures!

Well, the excitement never ends at my house. Especially not for me! Daddy's friends organized a pirate themed water balloon fight and we went along for the adventure of it. So Daddy made a dessert. It's a Jell-o brain. Yeah. I wasn't offered a taste and frankly, I'm not sure what I would have done if I had been offered a taste. I did have to snoopervise the depanning of the brain and the placing of the cookies on the try.

Then we were off! Of course, my travel kennel made the trip as well. Which is entirely too bad, but I guess it was ok to have because there were three other dogs there and we were all a bit apprehensive about my reaction to them, so maybe it was better to half my kennel.

Mommy says this picture is a little too exposed, but I think it's a great smiling pei picture!

So this is what they did. They built small ships out of cardboard boxes and then threw water balloons at them. I, of course, had to check out the ships.

You know, maybe it's best that the kennel came because do you know what's in a water balloon? WATER. Water tends to be wet. I don't like getting wet. Still, there was a bit too much of this...
and this......
And not enough of this:
Sniff ya later!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Pictures and Bolo's Weather Report

As you can see, Mommy took the camera out again. I don't mind, I get pei-d in cookies and cuddles. But I had to do a little investigating to make sure she was doing it right. She really has to work on focusing on the important things. Like my nose! Pei laughing sounds.
Then as soon as a pei gets comfortable, she comes to lie down on the floor with me. What do I do? I get up. And she still gets off a shot. I have a double chin! Thanks Mom, that's what every pei wants to know. More pei laughing sounds.
Then of course, we had to get my weather report picture (wait for it!) and Mommy tried her white balancing act again. You can really see what a difference it can make in the pictures.

This one was with the external flash. I remember that. I can see why some of you asked what colour I really was. It's hard to tell sometimes!So, Fanfare please! Dun duh duh duh! Nice job Mom. Time for Bolo's Friday Weather Report!

It's a little overcast due to the storms last night, but it'll be nice and sunny for a while with nice clouds, not related to the rain causing clouds, drifting around.

I know there are adventures a foot for this weekend. Mommy has baked a cake. Chocolate unfortunately. It's not my pei-day, that's in September. What? Oh! Mommy says it's Granny's Birthday this weekend! ACK! I didn't get her anything! I hope THEY sign my name to the gift tag then. Or I'll have to kiss her nose instead. Well, maybe I can kiss her nose anyway.

Sniff ya later loyal readers! I have cake snoopervisory duties to attend to!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

On The Mend

Mommy must be feeling better because the camera came out today. That could be because I made her laugh this morning. She's been really worried about me, so has Daddy. Daddy stayed with me ALL DAY yesterday! I helped him nap, and snoopervised him on the treadmill, and cuddled up to him while he was reading a book. Oh, and I kissed his nose.

I'm getting off track, sorry. I made Mommy laugh this morning. I was relaxing on the bed and she came in to see how I was doing so I wagged my tail - she likes it when I do that. Then I lenaed over a bit onto my shoulder and lifted up my front leg a bit. Mommy laughed and came to give me a cuddle and a tummy rub. I made sure she knew I appreciated it because I made my little grunting noises. That's why they call me a cuddle pig. Well, that and the curly tail. Sigh, I guess it could be worse.

So, as I was saying, Mommy took out the camera, and put it on her new tripod. It's at Bolo height so I had to investigate, because I have an investigating nose.

Then she went outside. WITHOUT ME! So I had to stand at the window and tell her I did NOT approve of this change of location! Especially without me! She finally opened the door again and blocked it off so I couldn't get out (it's the door to the front yard) but I was still voicing my displeasure so she finally came inside.

And I told her in no uncertain terms that -I- wanted outside time too! Oh wow, do I look like a cat there or what?!?!So she threw me in the backyard. Sigh. That's ok. I know I'll get a walk later, Mommy promised.

In other news, I've healed quite a bit. I think Mommy was wrong, I think there were only 6 stitches in total.
Oh! And I need to add this to my award collection! Thank you Gaia! I have to think about who to give this too so look for an edit later today after I think about it.
Oh, and I'm in the first batch of taste testers for Gaia's Mommy's treats! I haven't gotten my box yet so I will wait pei-tiently until then. Ok, im-pei-tiently.

Did I miss anything? If I did, I'll get to it tomorrow! Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess: I forgot to add that Aunt Sharon and Uncle Marty sent me an e-card saying Get Better Soon! Thank you Aunt Sharon and Uncle Marty! Snuffles and drool to both of you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not so Ouchie Anymore.

I'm slowly getting better. Mommy says I've been a cuddle pig, but that I also have a right to be a cuddle pig. Notice though that it was HER who woke me up out of a sound sleep to cuddle this morning. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

So, on to the stuff I SHOULD have blogged about yesterday. Oorvi's Mercury made a wonderful Pei Clock. You can see it on the right hand side. I'm going to bug Mommy to put it on HER blog too. Thank you Mercury and Oorvi! Mercury, you did good justice to the wrinkles. And the nose! It's all about the nose. :-D

I also got an award from Gaia. I seem to be having trouble loading it. Hmmm. I'll work on that and get back to you. Maybe I can blog about that tomorrow.

So Mommy say I'm not yet a Frankenpuppy, I don't have enough stitches. There are actually 12. I thought there were only 6 but Mommy counted them.

OK, enough chit chat. My Daddy is home with me. I have to go and get my face rubbed by him. He's only here because of me, I'd better tell him I appreciate it. Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More than I bargained for

I think it's pretty safe to assume that I got more adventure than I bargained for today.

Mommy and Daddy took me to PetSmart Day Camp today! I was so excited I almost forgot to give Mommy a kiss before I pushed the attendant through the door so I could get to the play room! Well, the kennel. It wasn't quite play time yet. See, that's when things started to get interesting, at play time.

The put me in the play room first, maybe because I got there first I don't know. Then they brought in another dog, a little smaller than me and a little redder. Well, apparently that dog didn't like me much because they attacked me. Yeah, I know! All I did was come up and say Hi in my pei-tastic way. The attendants got us separated in no time and I thought all was well with the world but then they did a spot check on me and noticed I was bleeding. So they took me for emergency stitches. Here's the after picture.

Six stitches went in there. I don't remember much about it, they gave me this funny stuff that made me sleepy. I heard that my Daddy called the vet - it wasn't my regular vet - and he could hear me barking in the background. All I wanted to do was let him know it wasn't my fault and that I was ok and they were overreacting. The vet didn't let me use the phone though. Darn it. I'm sure I could have snuffled something out if they had only handed me the phone!

So I didn't get much play time in today. I only got back to the PetSmart in time for Mommy and Daddy to pick me up. Sigh. We'll try again another day I guess.

Daddy says I have medicine to take, so I guess I'll have to be a good boy about that even though I hate taking medicine. I can tell that Mommy and Daddy were worried about me though. On a good note, I'll be getting oodles of cuddles. They're just going to have to be careful with my side. It's maybe a little bit ouchie. Just a little.

In other news, I saw that I got tagged for an award by Gaia and that Oorvi's Mercury got a pretty good looking pei clock going. I'm sorry guys, I'll look at those tomorrow. I think I've earned a nap today. Sniff ya later.


Not sure if there's a softball game today but I did hear interesting words not being mentioned in my presence. Something like, "I have to find Bolo's lunchbox." And "Day Camp".

So I've been an extra sweet cuddle pig (so sayeth my Mommy) and trying to find out what's going on. Once they say the words "Are you ready Bolo?" I'm going to sing and dance and run around the house in a state of excitement. They love it when I do that.

Sniff ya later guys and gals, I do believe there is an adventure afoot!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Report

Here I am in all my pei-ness. Sorry I didn't write yesterday but THEY kept me busy with cuddles. And now I see why. Does this look like me?
NO! This is a Boxer, not a Shar Pei. What is this Boxer doing on MY Mommy's camera? That's what -I- would like to know.

Here's Mommy's explanation. Apparently his name is Max and he's been coming into her workplace every Sunday since March with his person to drop off his person's hours for the maintenance boss. OK, I can accept this. Mommy says that Max really looks forward to seeing her every Sunday and runs to her when she calls and he kisses her on the nose. Whimper -I- kiss her on the nose. She said it's not the same and that I kiss better because Max just does a small kiss on the nose and I apparently try and kiss her nose off.

I don't know about this. I don't think I want to share my Mommy with anyone. Mommy says I'd have to share her eventually because she and Daddy want human pups. I already share her with Daddy I know, but she's MY Mommy. She says she'd love it if Max and I got together for a play session. Hmmm, I don't know. I have lots to think about I guess.

Yellow Bud, do you have any words of wisdom for a down and out Shar Pei?

Pei-Ess - that's not a real tear, I'm just trying to make Mommy feel guilty.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whoop there it is.

There it is. My purple pink tongue. Daddy had to help Mommy with getting that shot, and I did get treats out of it. Hey, it's work being a photographers pei-ssistant. I'm not going to do this for nothing. Mom also got a few other good shots. I'll post them later this week, they make me look super cute and handsome.

Sniff ya later! I need a nap after this photo shoot.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bolo's Friday Adventures and Weather Report

Mommy absolutely needed to go on a photo shoot this morning, so of course, -I- had to go with her. The sacrifices I make for her. Sigh. No pictures yet of my tongue. I keep yawning at her but she never has the camera in her hand. Bad planning on your part Mommy.

I like this shot of me. No, I'm not admiring myself in the mirror, I could barely see myself in the sphere, I was looking for the big squirrels anyway. But it's still a GREAT picture of me. And this blog is all about me. So it fits!

Speaking of squirrels. Looky what I found!Look close. Enlarge the pictures if you need to. SQUIRRELS! ((Mommy says groundhogs but what does she know.)) AND SHE STOPPED ME!
Sigh. I was SO CLOSE to following it into the hole! But NO! I had to whine about that. Some things are just not fair to little puppy peis like me. Sniff sniff whine.

On to my weather report I guess. Fanfare? Fanfare? Sigh. She's slacking off again. I see I have no fanfare for my weather report. AGAIN. I'll do it myself. Dun da da da! It's grey, overcast and possibly wet.
Look out for puddles. Especially you low slung doggies
And with that, I'm going to go and dream about what else lives inside the squirrel holes. Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess - A belated Happy Birthday to my pal Maggie of Maggie and Mitch Fame (and her Mom) who celebrated her birthday yesterday and an early Happy Birthday to our Paw-Limpics organizer Lenny, who celebrates this weekend.