Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

Daddy always does Hallwe'en BIG at our house. Here's how the tents are set up this year:
When you come in, on your left you'll see some Zombies, then the Graveyard, and I'll be on the step in my kennel scaring the little kiddies. They don't expect me to be in there. Pei laughter.
The on your right, you'll see more of the graveyard. Mommy will be the Zombie Queen sitting on the black chair there. We'll move the duct tape, she doesn't need to sit on it.

Here's a close up of Mr. Eccles. It was Mommy's idea to chain him to the tree. She's very proud of it.
Can you believe I've spent the WHOLE DAY snoopervising them doing this? I didn't even get my morning nap. And the midafternoon nap? Forget it, not happening. There's a bit of a lull right now, so I'd better catch up with my sleep so I have the energy for tonight.

Oh, and thanks again to everyone who volunteered thier nosses! Mom and I are all ready for tomorrow morning! There is still time to send in your nose for the Nose Expose. bolo at magama dot ca to send in your face or nose only pictures. Please tell me who you are and your dominant breed. That excitement starts soon!

Sniff ya later!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

For those who are pei-ing attention...

Ha! Great joke there in the title eh? Pei-ing instead of paying? Why aren't you laughing?

Anyway, for those who are paying attention, there are new buttons on my blog. There's this one that will take you to all the Nose Expose posts. There's only one there now, but, THERE WILL BE MORE! Everyone seems really excited about the Nose Expose. Including me! A big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in Noses, I hope you all come back to play the game. If you haven't sent in your nose, please do! bolo at magma dot ca is the address!

Oh, and anyone who can tell me how to turn that into an HTML button so that I can make a participation button will get my eternal gratitude.

So, the second button is the DWB Scawy Howl-oween Costume Parade! Here is my entry:
Sir Bolo Dragon Snuffler. What do you think? I've also entered it into Addie's K-9 Costume Contest. You can check that out here.

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en! I'm looking forward to it. So is Daddy. Don't worry, Mommy will post pictures. I'll make sure of that. So check back tomorrow evening because Saturday everything changes as we enter Nose-vember! Pei laughter.

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Emergency Weather Report!

Report Pei Bolo here with an Emergency Weather Report!
Look at that! Snow! And it's only October! I hope it won't last long, Friday is Hallowe'en and we have oodles of plans! Of course, it won't be the first time we've had bad weather for Hallowe'en. Actually, Mom was telling me that she doesn't remember a Hallowe'en where it wasn't yucky out. That didn't stop the children though.
So anyway, there I am IN THE SNOW. Mommy took the picture from INSIDE. She cheated! I guess I still love her. I'm going to put little wet paw prints all over her side of the bed. Pei laughter.

Remember to send in your face pictures, or nose pictures, both work well, for the November Nose Expose. Actually, Achilles Wong,, suggested we rename it Nose-vember. I'm so there! I'm really looking forward to this. I think it'll be great!

I'm going to spend the day staying warm and watching the snow fall outside.

Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snoopervisor of the world since it was FLAT!

Hello everyone!

I've been SUPER busy the last two days snoopervising Mom. She's in a MOOD. She's been baking. Yesterday it was Banana Bread, Prune Bread and a Lasagna. I even got splattered by tomato sauce I was that close in on the action!
Today it's been pumpkin bread. As the Snoopervisor of the World Since it was Flat, wouldn't you think I'd get more than a little splatter of tomato sauce as a thank you for making sure she was doing everything right? Yeah, I'd like to think so. I even reminded her about the cinnamon and the cloves in the pumpkin bread. I've gotten NOTHING. Except two cookies. But that's almost NOTHING! Oh and cuddles. That's still not lasagna or bread. Deep Shar Pei sigh.

In other news, I have a whole bunch of noses for the Nose Expose! Thank you to everyone who sent one in. I need a few more to run one every day so bug all your friends to take part. The email is bolo at magma dot ca . Then hurry back in November to play! Mom and Dad were talking about the prize and Mommy said something about Squirrels. WOHOO! I'm there!

Anyway, I'm going to leave you with a photo montage of the long wait for Daddy to come home. Mom and I are having fun with Paint Shop. Pei laughter.

Sniff ya later!

Monday, October 27, 2008

PEIZILL ATTACKS! Or, The Monday Morning Report

Well, it's Monday morning and I wanted to share my adventures with you. If you haven't read it in the news reports, PeiZilla attacked Ottawa this weekend. I have photographic proof!
The House of Commons was recessed because of drool, and I think at least one Member of Parliament had to be rescued with a life buoy.

Remember to send in your noses for the November Nose Expose! bolo at magma dot ca if you haven't done it yet! I have a bunch of noses already and I know some of them you'll never guess. Mua ha ha ha!

Ok, I'd better go PeiZilla something else. Who wants a PeiZilla visit?

Sniff ya later!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Send me your noses!

Happy Weekend Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great time. My weekend started this morning with a Bolo Cuddle Sandwich! Pei laughter. Then Daddy went out so I was stuck napping with Mommy. Forced to nap in her arms, then against her leg, then her shoulder! Pei sigh. The things I have to do for her.

So I want to thank those puppies who've already sent me their noses for my November Nose Expose! Thank you thank you thank you! For those who are interested and haven't sent any in yet, here's what I'm planning. I will show you a nose like this:
If you can guess what breed of dog this is by the nose, you get a point. Just leave your answers in my comments and Mommy will tally them up (she likes to play with spreadsheets, go figure). I think I'll give you options as to the breed. So this one could be a Poodle, a Pomeranian, a Portuguese Water Dog or a Pug.

If you can guess WHOSE nose it is, you get a bonus point!

This one happens to be my cousin Khaya! A Portuguese Water Dog! Thank you Khaya. I'll post the answers to the Nose Expose at the end of the week. Or should I wait the whole month? Ideas? Suggestions?

So don't foregt to send me your face pictures, or just noses, to bolo at magma dot ca, with the @ and the . of course.

Dad surprised Mom yesterday with a present to help with the Nose Expose. Wait, shouldn't that have been a gift for me? Mom, you'll share right? Right? Mom? Oh, sorry, back to the important stuff. Dad got Mom AND I a copy of Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 to help with all the noses. Mom and I were looking at it last night and there's a buttonizer feature. I'd like to try my hand at button making. So I hope to have a button available for this before November. Mom and are are still in the Tutorial. We're working on it!

Ok, back to work, Daddy's home so I have to cuddle him.

Sniff ya later!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bolo's Friday Weather Report and Other Adventures

Dun da da dah! Welcome to Bolo's Friday Weather Report!
Yes, what you see is snow. This is at Grandma and Grandad's house. It's from Tuesday. I can honestly say that we haven't had any of this stuff yet this year. Grandma and Grandad can keep this. We don't want any! Unfortunately, I'm sure it's heading this way. Sigh.

In other news, voting has started for the Dogs with Blogs Photo of the Month. I was nominated for one, so please go and vote. Linky here. I'm ok if you don't vote for me, it was really great to be nominated. And you've got to admit, that was a pawesome picture of me. Pei laughter.

In other news, I'm all set to start receiving Nose Pictures! You can send them to me directly to bolo at magma dot ca . The at and the dot are those @ and . but you know that already right? Send me a close up of your face. Mom and Dad and I will do our magic and then we'll post noses. I think it should be a contest to guess what breed of nose it is, and for a bonus point, WHOSE nose it is. I like that. We'll start that in November and I'm going to bug Mom and Dad about getting a prize or two for those with the most correct answers.

In other news, what's up with Blogger making all my pictures HUGE?

Sniff ya later!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hallowe'ens Past

With Hallowe'en being right around the corner, I wanted to give you a brief look at that great job Dad has done since I got here to make Hallowe'en REALLY fun.

In 2006, my first Hallowe'en in my Forever Home, the theme was Mad Science. Mommy had set my kennel on the front step and kiddies came into the tent (yes, Dad had set up a tent) and saw all the wonderful mad sciencey stuff and got thier candies from Mommy, who was sitting next to me. Most of them didn't notice me in my kennel because it was dark int he tent, the kennel is dark, and I'm dark. So I would move and they'd scream. It was GREAT!
This zombie might make another appearance this year, Daddy is still working on it.

Mr. Eccles might be retired now, he's been falling apart for longer than I've been around. Daddy says he's the last child who didn't say thank you for the Hallowe'en candy.
I try not to remember this guy. I don't think he survived storage very well because I didn't see him last year.

So, last year (2007) the Daddy's theme was pirates. I was involved in the whole thing once again. Mostly in a snoopervisory role.
Here I am helping with the set up. This was about the time the mail man came by and we had to give him candy because he was our first customer.

And we'd like you to meet Bosun Chunder, the amazing barfing pirate. He'll be coming back this year as Zombie Chunder, the amazing barfing zombie.
This year, it's Zombies. I don't know where I'll be this year, but you can bet I'll be right there in the middle of everything.
And for my nose fans who can't go a day without seeing the schnozz,
Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess Oh, and Mommy saved the day and brought some food home for me. PHEW! Thank you Mommy! I was so worried, I think I might have lost a wrinkle!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Houston, we have a problem......

This is my food bag. Does anyone notice anything special about it?

I went with Mommy to pick Daddy up at work today and we stopped off at the PetSmart on the way home but they had NO FOOD!
This is my worried face.

Daddy said he'd stop at the other Pet Store to look for food for me tomorrow. I guess tomorrow I'll have to eat cookies only. Or maybe, a whole bone of Rollover? I mean, they won't let me STARVE for a day will they? Will they? Mommy? Daddy?

Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Nose Report

Welcome back to this Final Edition of the Nose Report with the animals at the Metro Toronto Zoo. I'm your host, Reporter Pei Bolo.

I'd like you to welcome this pair of important birds. They are Sacred Ibis. Ibis? Ibises? Ibisi? Easy to find nose, close to the ground for kissability. Yeah, I think they qualify.

Then there are the Lake Malawi Cichlids. These guys are meant eaters so I don't recommended nose kisses. If you want to keep YOUR nose anyway.

Meet the West African Dwarf Crocodile. He's another one to watch out for, he'll eat you little puppies and kitties. I wouldn't want that, no matter how easy it is to find his nose.

And finally, the Lowland Gorilla. This one is a female, but their Silverback male is residence, Charles, is apparently a sight to see. She has a kissable nose. I don't know if she'd let us get close enough to kiss though. I'll have to try.

HA! Tricked you! You thought I'd put a picture of me didn't you? Pei laughter. This is my predecessor Shih Kwan. His nose was apparently very kissable too. I thought I'd share. It's also a great way to say that I'd love to get pictures of all of your noses so that I can do a NOSE EXPOSE in November. I'm thinking of running a contest. Guess That Nose. I'll have to talk to Mommy and Daddy about a prize or two for the winners if I do run it. Mom and Dad are working on getting me an email address so you can send them to me directly. More news on that once we get everything up and running so look through all your albums to find your best nose pictures!
And finally, I got two of these! One from the Texas Sun Dogs, and one from Tom and Sen-Chan at The Poupounette. Thank you! I'd like to send this out to....EVERYONE! If I didn't like your blog, I wouldn't have it on my sidebar. So there! If I don't have you on my sidebar, please make a comment so that I can put you on my sidebar and keep track of you.

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess, I took part in "Our Littlest Memories". Here's the blog; and here's my story! But I would suggest you go through and read a bunch of other peoples. I've seen Lorenza so far and Maggie and Mitch. I'll keep checking this week to see who else I recognize.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Morning Report

Hmmm, Blogger doesn't want to let me upload pictures. I'm sorry loyal nose fans, you'll have to make do with my header for now.

Happy Monday! It's time for the Monday Morning Report!

I slept well. Did you? There was a bit of a Bolo sandwich again last night, only Daddy was doing most of the cuddling. Sigh. When you have to cuddle, you have to cuddle.

OK, what did I do this weekend? It was a cuddle fest! Oh! Oh! Oh! We went to visit Aunt Leslie yesterday (she's one of Daddy's Aunts) and I CHASED A SQUIRREL OUT OF HER YARD! She was so impressed. (Mommy didn't have the camera, the fool, so no pictures, even if we could load them.) Oh my dog that was so much fun!

Mommy and Daddy asked Aunt Leslie if I could sleep over. If I get to chase squirrels I'm there! Aunt Leslie threatened that if I did sleep over I'd come back with no nose because she'd be smooching it all the time! Uhm, is that a bad thing? I don't think so. (BTW, Aunt Leslie was Gabe's Mom. Read about Gabe here.)

What else did I do yesterday? Oh yes! Mommy, Auntie Brenda and I played on the Wii! They played bowling and tennis, I played kiss everyone's nose as often as possible. It's not technically a Wii game, but it works for me! (Bolo's Mom here, he also played stand in the way of whoever is bowling and being in the middle of the floor for everything. He's so good at those games!)

I know I'm running low on food so there must be a trip to the pet store coming soon. Oh I'm all excited! Adventure Awaits!

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess - I'll finish the nose report tomorrow, and then pause on the noses to do a Hallowe'en report I think.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cuddle Time!

I cuddled my people a lot yesterday, they needed it. Between ADVENTURES!

Actually, it's been a big Adventure week. Grandma and Grandad being here all weekend, Great Granny's birthday on Monday, then on Tuesday we had to vote (Canadian Election Day), Wednesday I rescued Daddy, Thursday I looked after Daddy and Friday we had to go to the store. Including the PET STORE! Where the lady at the counter smelled like Shar Peis! She has one! Too bad it wasn't in the store we could have had a wagging contest! Of course, Charlie's Daniel's house might have been knocked down. Pei laughter. (You all remember what happened last time right?) I wouldn't do that to you Charlie. Unless it meant you had to come to our house to stay. That might be fun.

Anyway, last night Mom said I was a HUGE cuddle pig. HUGE. She went to bed so I jumped up to be with her and she cuddled me close. Then Daddy came to bed and cuddled me too. It was a Bolo Sandwich! Mommy let me go at one point but I was too smart to move. Pei laughter. Eventually, when they both started tossing and turning, I did move to the end of the bed to curl up in Daddy's blankets to try and steal them.

Not sure what we're up to today. Daddy has taken all the Hallowe'en stuff out to inventory it. I'm going to need to snoopervise that. He said he wants to build more zombies, so I'll need to snoopervise that too. I think it'll be busy. I'd better grab a nap while I can. Don't worry, I'll make Mom take pictures of the Hallowe'en stuff. And show you last years too.

Sniff ya later!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Sad Day

Mommy's crying. I tried to comfort her, but she just cries harder

She's very sad to hear about Booker. So am I.

Is it wrong to hope that the people who treated Booker so badly in the past have something nasty happen to them?

Booker's Mom and Family, we wish you hadn't had to go through this. We want you to know that we'll always remember Booker as a friendly, loveable, looks-great-on-a-leather-couch guy.

Now excuse me, I need to find a racoon to tree in his honour.

Sniff ya later

Pei-Ess, Mommy had something to say about this too. You can read it here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've got work to do!

My Daddy is staying home sick today. It's my job to take care of him when he's sick.

Here's the prescription I suggest for my Daddy. Rest when I'm sleeping, that should take up most of the morning. Then take me for a walk around lunch time, then we can rest some more. Together. That should do him some good. Won't hurt me at all either. Pei laughter.

I'll take good care of you Daddy.

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Nose Report

Hello everyone! Reporter Pei Bolo here for the Nose Report. (Daddy missed having the Nose Report on Tuesday, so here we are.) Today we have some of the world's most famous noses. I'd like to thank our guests for coming on, I know they have busy schedules.

Our first guest today is the River Hippopotamus. These guys are vegetarian, but they're also one of the most dangerous creatures in Africa, so be careful when you go nose kissing.
Our next guest is the African Elephant. You can tell it's an African Elephant because it's ears are shaped like Africa. That's what my Mom says anyway and I trust her. Now this guys has a GREAT nose. Even our littlest friends will be able to kiss that. He could even give Nose Cuddles! Doesn't that sound like the best of both worlds?

Meet the Mandarill. They have colourfull noses. This one look sad though, he must know we're coming to the end of the nose report. I have to start getting the DWB Noses in order apparently. Anyway, he has a nice nose, definitely kissable.

And finally there's me! Wait, no, too much water to be me. So it muct be the Pygmy Hippopotamus! Dad says about the only difference between us is that Pygmy Hippo lives in the water and I try not to go near the stuff. He can have it! I'll stay dry. But look at the nose!

Phew, there I am!

So that's the Nose Report for today, this is Reporter Pei Bolo signing off!

In other news, I forgot to mention that I went to Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle's Birthday this past Saturday, Charlie Daniels nominated me for a Photo of the Month on the DWB Bone Zone, I'll have to let you know when voting begins for that; and Mommy sprayed me with water and something to make the itchies go away. It worked, but I was NOT amused. (Mom here. Baking Soda and Water to ease the itches from the allergy/hives he got. Thank you Aunt Angela for recommending it.) You can see why it took me two days to remember all the stuff I did this weekend. I was SUPER BUSY! I miss my Grandma and Grandad though. Are you coming back soon?

Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday - Still Recovering

Hello everyone!

Well, I survived the weekend. Boy it was super busy! I'm going to spend today napping and regaining my strength.

First of all, remember on Saturday I said I'd wag my tail in practicing for Grandma and Grandad's arrival? And that Charlie Daniels, living in Australia, should watch out for Butterfly Effect storms caused by my tail? Yeah, well, read this here. Yeah, a big storm hit his house and they were PLUNGED into darkness. Charlie, I'm SO sorry! I didn't realize I was that powerful! At least you had your Moo, Chook and Pumpkin with you.

In other news, Dannan, The Little Brown Dog, has tagged me for a 7x7 meme thing. I'll get to that in a minute, I want to get the rest of my news out first.

So yesterday was Great Granny's Birthday! We all gathered to celebrate with her. I was still feeling a little unwell, you can see a couple of red spots on my head there near my eye. I didn't give her nose kisses, but I did grace her my presence, pei laughter, and she gave me scratches. Happy Birthday Great Gran! Oh! And today is Aunt Christine's birthday! Happy Birthday!

Mom was the official family photographer for all of this so I was able to act like my wonderful pei-fessional model self. I think Mom and Dad should repaint the house white. I look good against white. And around natural, light,wood tones.

Grandma and Grandad got home fine, I'm sure they miss me already, pei laughter. Once all this allergy stuff is out of my system, I'll be allowed to eat my new cookies
Drool. I am such a lucky pei! Thank you Grandma and Grandad for the cookies!

I think that's everything I wanted to write. Oh, yeah. When I was a tthe Vet's on Saturday night - that emergency thing, yeah - they had to weigh me. I don't mind standing on the scale. The thing is, this time Mommy wasn't happy with the number. 66lbs. I was 60lbs at my last physical. I'm worried I won't get a lot of chance to eat all of those cookies. Hmm. Maybe I should just insist on extra walks. Yes, yes, that will work. Don't cut down my food Mom, walk me more!
This is a good picture of me, but I'm kind of looking my weight. I know a few of my friends have slimmed down recently. If they would care to share their secrets, I'd be really happy about that.

Sniff ya later!

7x7 Meme
7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Kiss Grandma's Nose
2. Catch a Squirrel
3. Drive the car, the front seat is much better than the back
4. Go into my neighbours house and meet thier cat Miss Lucy
5. Play with Uncle Brett's cats
6. Eat a whole Rollover "bone" at one sitting
7. Get a Forever Brother, I think that might be cool

7 Things I Do Now
1. Get as many cuddles as I can!
2. Sleep on the Big Bed
3. Eat when I want (I'm free feeding)
4. Wait for Uncle Brett to come to the door after he calls
5. Answer the door when the door bell rings
6. Squeak my Squirrel Toys with great enthusiasm
7. Blog!

7 Things I Can't Do
1. Open the front door
2. Open the back door
3. Swim, although Granny is working on getting me in the water
4. Meet my DWB friends in person, YET
5. Go to work with Daddy
6. Go into my neighbours house and meet their cat Miss Lucy
7. Go into any of my neighbours houses

7 Things That Attract Me to The Opposite Sex
1. Noses
2. Bums
3. Tails
4. How much they want to play with me
5. Ear scratches
6. Cuddle factors
7. The presence of dog cookies on their person

7 Things I say Most Often
1. Open the Door!
2. Scratch my ears please
3. Why did you wake me up?
4. Scratch my ears please
5.Welcome Home!
6. Scratch my ears please
7. I want to go outside!

7 Celebrities That I Admire
1. Daddy
2. Mommy
3. Uncle Brett and Aunt Angela
4. Grandad and Grandma
5. Granny and Granpa
6. Bolo Yeung, my mentor in Bolo-ness
7. All the Bolo's that have come before and after me.

7 Who Gets to do this now
1. Anyone
2. who
3. hasn't
4. done
5. it
6. yet
7. !!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Morning Report

Well, it's REALLY EARLY on Monday, but I think it still counts as a Monday Morning Report.

Hi everyone! It's been a really interesting weekend.
The cookies are in! WHOO! Mommy hasn't put them in the cookie jar yet, but I know she has to do it today because the bags have to go back with Grandma and Grandad and they're leaving today! I know, I just got them back and they're leaving! Whimper.

Here I am making sure Grandad gets his quote of scratching my ears. Pei laughter.

Grandma has a similar quota I'm sure, but she's not as comfortable around me. I'm wearing her down though! I love you Grandma, even if I'm not allowed to kiss your nose.

I had to take a bit of a nap while everyone was doing whatever they were doing. It's not often I nap on the sofa, but this time I did.

Oh yeah, here's what I looked like before that OTHER adventure. Mommy told you about my allergic reaction to SOMETHING.

Mommy came home from being out on Saturday night to find me like that. All scratchy and itchy and not comfortable at all. Then she saw my throat was getting itchy and red too and she called a 24 hour animal hospital. Grandad came with us on the adventure as moral support. Daddy was at a concert or he would have come too.

Anyway, these nice ladies at the Vet gave me huggles and commented that my face was super swollen and gave me two shoots to help me. One was a steroid - good thing I'm not into weight lifting, I'd look like Mango (major)! And the other was a Benadryl shot to help the allergy go away.

We don't think it was the cookies now. Daddy thinks it was something when he cut the grass on Saturday. I'm kind of still itchy, that's why I'm awake right now. Mommy is a little upset because I'm not keeping down my Benadryl. Sigh. I'm trying Mom, but it's been a really busy weekend you know!

This weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. Grandma and Grandad were up, Miss Jenn came over. Uncle Brett and Aunt Angela and Grandpa were here too. It gets a little pei kind of excited you know. Then today we're going to Greant Granny's because it's her birthday. She'll need nose kisses!

Mommy said she was going to try and get me in to see the vet on Tuesday when everything reopens. Oh, yeah, and I had a bath. Sigh. It kind of felt good, but I NEVER said that ok? It did take some of the itch away.

Yawn. I'm going to try and get back to bed.

Sniff ya later