Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!

I've had a good week with lots of good walks, including one yesterday to see Puppy's Day Care.  I sniffed around and it smelled like a good place - apparently they give him snacks and everything.  Way cool.  I'm giving cautionary approval.

Yesterday we also went to visit PetSmart - just to say Hi.  We saw my trainer Tanya.  She and Mom chatted while Puppy looked cute and I sat nicely for treats and was a breed ambassador and cajoled cuddles out of everyone passing by and did NOT growl at the two dogs who tried to approach us. I should be getting treats just for NOT growling you know.  I don't like other dogs near MY Puppy.  I'm a guard dog you know.

Anyway, one time this week, Dad was working in the basement - making sawdust he says.  Well, he was also making a LOT of noise.  Not my favorite of activities for him to do.  It's much more fun when he's scratching my ears or taking me on walks or stuff like that.  Anyway, I didn't like it and I went to Mom for comfort.  And I climbed into her lap.

She couldn't reach the big camera so you get an iPod picture.  I was actually, all the way in her lap.  Puppy wasn't too impressed and tried to climb up too.  Mom told him it was Bolo's turn for cuddles and distracted him with a toy.  Thank you Mom!

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday = Recovery Day

I don't know about anyone else, but I need to stay home today and recover from yesterday.

My day started out with a nice walk with Mom and Puppy.  All told, it was about 1.5 kilometers - which is almost 1 mile.  Anyway, I'm not used to that type of walk.  It was FANTASTIC!  Until the guy with the off leash pug showed up.  I wasn't going to let that dog near me OR my Puppy!  S'ok, neither was Mom.  Nothing against the Pug, but I'm a guard dog you know.  He eventually went back to his owner - don't get Mom started.  Off leash dogs is a HUGE peeve with her.

Anyway, after a nice rest and some lunch, Dad came home and we all went into the car.  There was even a stop at McDonalds - which we don't eat at very often - and the more driving.  We had to drop Dad back off at work - poor him, I'm sure he would have had so much more fun with us.

We ended up at Grandma and Grandad's!  How lovely!  Mom and Puppy and Grandma and Grandad had the McDonalds (chicken nuggets, Mom doesn't eat their burgers).  Puppy - who will remain my most favorite Puppy ever if he keeps doing this - casually dropped his nuggets on the deck for me!  What a nice Puppy I have!

After lunch, we ended up here:

Is this cool or WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

It's a trail!  All flatish and paved and well looked after with plenty of peemail places! This section is about 1 km long, and there are something like four or five sections of this!  Wowzas!  We just did this section, back and forth, so 2 km or so.  Can you see why I'm still exhausti-pei-ted?

There were also a couple of benches where I could practice my show dog look.  What do you think?
Yeah, good thing I don't go to dog shows, I don't have room in the house for all those trophies and stuff.  Mom says we need to DE-clutter, not RE-clutter.

Anyway, you need a close up to see how really happy I am here:
My ears always do that when I pant.  Go figure.

Mom is still processing the last few pictures, so I hope to post more later this week!

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Wrap Up

Well, besides some nice walks with Mom and Puppy, a few rainstorms and some chicken that Puppy has been feeding me, not much has been going on here.

Mom did grab this little video of me.  Sorry it's dark, and the volume is weird.  She was using her iPod and the lights were out.  The foreground is Mom's shoulder, FYI.

Here's what she says after she finishes humming:
Bolo Pei
Are you helping Puppy get to sleep?
Aren't you a helpful pei-by boy.

Then she starts humming again.

I may complain a lot about my Puppy, but he's a pretty good guy.  Except when he's touching me.  But Dog forbid another dog should come near MY Puppy!

Anyway, I WAS making sure Puppy had a nap.  He feels about naps the way I feel about baths.  Oddly enough, I feel about naps, the way he feels about baths.  Do you think I can get him to take my baths and I'll take all of his naps in exchange?

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Wrap Up

Well, it was going to be a pretty boring post until Mom took Puppy and I out for a walk this morning.

Just before the rain started.  We got in before the big drops started, I didn't want to melt you know.

Then there was a bit of a storm, and I tried to climb into Mom's lap.  She didn't appreciate it as much as I thought she would because she was trying to get Puppy to nap at the time.  I had to settle for laying under the chair she was sitting on.  It wasn't nearly as comforting.  Mom finally decided to set Puppy in his kennel (Mom: Crib!) ...whatever... and she lay down on the floor next to the crib so Puppy could still touch her while he was trying to fall asleep.  And I lay down on top of her.  Again, she wasn't as appreciative as I thought she would be.  Sigh.  The storm passed about the time that Puppy fell asleep so we were all good after that.

And in other news, Mom got back at me and dragged me into the bath tonight.

This is my happy face.  Can you see how happy I am?  (Sarcasm alert!)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get some of this clean off of me.

Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Update

Hello All!  Here is my update for the week:

Someone bring on Fall please!  It's much too hot for little black peis to be going about.  Even at our evening walks.  Blech.  We go slow though and at least I'm getting walks.

Mom and Puppy went to investigate a Day Care place.  I wasn't invited.  I have no idea WHY, I'm a Day Care pro!  But apparently, it was a Day Care for Puppy because he needs more socialization with puppies his own age.  He already does agility (Mom: Gymnastics!).  Well, I hope his Day Care is as fun and interesting as MY Day Care.

And finally, I had to huff and prod Mom into a cuddle yesterday.  And bop her a time or two on the head to get her to take this picture of us.

She wanted to nap.  Hmph.  What's more important?  Hugging me, or napping?  (I didn't tell her that maybe she should do both.)

Sniff ya later!