Monday, June 30, 2008

Bolo's Big Adventure

Thanks to my Mom for letting you all know I was having ADVENTURES!

It all started Friday afternoon when Daddy came home from work early and packed my bag with food and my travel dish and my rollover. You know things are going to get exciting when the Rollover is being packed.
That's me in the car. I'm a little excited. I had just picked Mommy up at work - which means I had to sniff my way around the building. It's a tough job but somepuppy has to do it. Once we had picked up Mommy we were off!

We ended up at Khaya and Tia's house! You can check out what they look like here from my previous adventures there. We went to visit everyone down at the lake and I looked at it and said Yes, that's a lake. I want nothing to do with it.

Mommy noticed that I was being Black Fly bait so she brought me inside. My Gran smushed my nose as soon as she was able. Khaya, Tia and I couldn't play as rambunctiously as we normally do because Daddy's neice and nephew were over and they're still very tiny and Granny and Grandpaw didn't want us to bump into them while we were playing. We still managed to have fun though.

On Saturday morning, Mom woke me up early and gave me huge cuddles, then passed me off to Daddy who gave me huge cuddles. I was so distracted by Daddy cuddles that I didn't notice when Mommy slipped out of the room. I did notice eventually and went looking for her.
Daddy took me outside later in the day, in my kennel, and I serenaded him while he fixed the gravel driveway for Grandpaw. After all that rain we had, some of the driveway was making a escape down the hill. After all that excitement, I HAD to have a nap, and look for Mommy. I think she was avoiding me.

On Sunday, and Mommy doesn't believe this but if she'd been there she could have gotten a picture but NOOOOO, she was off somewhere else having fun without me so she missed it ALL and there are NO pictures! Because she had the camera. I went swimming. Daddy was in the water and I was at the dock, and I really really wanted to be with him so I jumped into the shallow part from the dock - the water was nice and cool on my tummy. While I was there I had a good slurp and Daddy came to see me. I gave Daddy my puppy dog eyes and he lifted me back onto the dock. Daddy loves me.

Oh, and I also ripped up the door to my kennel. Mommy wasn't happy when she came back from her pei-less adventures. I wanted to be included! It's no fair always being in the kennel when Daddy was having fun in the lake! So there Mommy! Oh, yeah, Mommy came back while I was napping! I had to tell her all about my adventures and snuffle her ear for her and everything. She said she was off getting a better camera to take better pictures of me. Yeah well, she missed the swimming. Nyah to her.

I might have been a bit of a suck dog after she came back because I REALLY missed her. Anyway, we're home now in our own house now. So here's a picture of me with the new camera. I think it shows my true colours a bit better. So I'd better catch up with all my blog reading. Seems like everyone else was busy too this weekend! Sniff ya later!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bolo update!

Bolo's Mom here. He's off having adventures with his cousins Khaya and Tia. They don't have high speed access so he won't be blogging until Monday. He's still thinking of all of you though and he made me promise to tell you that there would be new pictures of him on Monday. On behalf of Bolo, sniff ya later! -Bolo's Mom

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Come for a walk with me!

I had a busy morning, as you can see. Mommy was nice enough to give me ear scratches.

Then she said the magic word. ARE YOU READY?ADVENTUREWALKOUTSIDE. I was on my feet and ready to go! I didn't know where I was going but I was READY! Please note, this is the same fence you saw the other day. This time, I am wearing my harness and leash, because well bred city dogs don't go leashless except in dog parks. ((Leashless dogs are one of Mommy's pet peeves.))

HA! The fence opened! Follow me! Adventure Awaits!

This is where we're going to start our adventure! This is the path that runs behind our house!
You get to it through a big hole in the fence. What? Oh, Mommy says it's not a hole, it's meant to be there. Whatever!

This is the path here. Do you see what's at the end of the path? YUP! PetSmart!

If you're all excited and you need to pee, that's ok. Plenty of trees to pee on along the way, as well as a hydrant.

And don't forget to poop and scoop please!
Wait for your person before crossing the street. It's a busy street, 6 lanes across. And remember to wait for the walk signal.
Then, if you're like me, you'll get your nails trimmed! Wait? MOMMY! Sigh. I guess it has to be done occasionally. I thought I was doing a good job of biting them down to a reasonable length. I guess not. Anyway, Mommy wasn't allowed to take pictures in the store, which is fine with me, but too bad for Mommy. She said I looked really pathetic when they were cutting my nails and I don't think I want you all seeing me like that. So it works out well for everyone but HER.

Don't forget to come by to my house after the walk. There's food and water to share!And that's it for me! I heard the magic adventure word whispered around for tomorrow. I'll keep you updated! Thanks for taking a walk with me. Lets do that again sometime! Sniff ya later!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Game On!

No rain in sight! This means Tuesday Night softball game! Here I am being very excited in the car. Daddy thinks this picture is the winner.

As promised, I drooled on the bats. I originally really wanted to pee on them but Daddy stopped me.

There's my team! Daddy is in right field in the blue and black.

I tried drooling on the ball too.

And silly Mommy put the water dish OUTSIDE my kennel. I don't know about her some days.

Here I am waiting for my turn at bat. Daddy got all the way to home plate. YAY Daddy!
With all that drooling I did, Daddy's team lost 6 to 16. Maybe I should have peed on the bats. There's always next time.

In other news, I want to say a big hello to some new friends. Gaia the Airedale, and Booker the treeing walker. . I'm really starting to think there is an Airedale conspiracy at the DWB. I'll need to put my investigating hat on and look into this. Sniff ya later!


Tuesday is softball day!

Where's my kennel? Where's my travel bowl? Where's my leash? MOMMY! Get your head out of the washing machine! I want to play softball!

Grump. Mommy says softball starts a 5pm. I have to wait. I guess I'll save up my drool then to spread on the other team's bats. Mommy, can I have a container for drool please?

Sniff ya later loyal readers! I'm going to bug Mommy to remember to pack the camera.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mommy needs a hobby!

Mommy is spending the day with me, which is always nice, but she really needs a hobby - besides taking pictures of me. Remember on Friday I went to Day Camp? Yeah, that was fun. Well Mommy bought me something when she came to pick me up. Daddy got me food, but Mommy got me something else. I thought maybe squirrels. No. This little pei is disappointed. She bought me a bandana. No, not a Banana, I've tried those, they're not really my thing. A Bandana. I've included a diagram of my handsome humble self not enjoying this new thing. I don't care if it says I'm in the Pawlimpics. I don't like it!

On top of that, it's raining again. Sigh. What a depressing day for a pei. Mommy, I need a cuddle. Sniff ya later

ETA: I'm so upset I almost forgot to say hi to some new friends. Lorenza and Mona and her Mommy. Both Dachshunds. Hello ladies! Yes, Mommy says I have met a Dachie at PetSmart, but that's the only time. Welcome to the Bolo Brigade. MOMMY! Can you change the name of my blog!?!?!?!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Me Again!

WOW, it's only lunch time and so much has gotten done today! I'm exhaustipeited AGAIN. THEY are running me ragged!

I had to Snoopervise the shed building, because that's what Shr Peis do. First I had to help Daddy by snoopervising him with the power tools.

And we built the base...

...we put up the walls...

...then the roof...

..then I had to give my ok... I need to rest while THEY clean up.

In other news, I want to say Hi to Willow, the Black Airedale, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Mom says to say she draws a 35 pound recurve bow. Mom, we have to add Willow to my snuffle list please. And Charlie, Mom hasn't seen that movie, but she'll look into it if your TBU says it's good. Did I miss anything? If I did, I'll get it tomorrow. Sniff ya later!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh Boy I had FUN!

I went to Doggie Day Camp today! I had FUN! I got to play with three black dogs, a red dog, four yellow/gold dogs, a white dog.. sorry, Mommy didn't catch all the names of them and I'm a little exhaustipeited. OK, I'm a lot exhaustipeited. Here's my Pawgress Report. The first one I got said I was a bit of a loner, that was in April. I've been there 4 times since then. Now I'm a Pawty Animal! And, I GOT STICKERS! The lady didn't need to put that I was a sweetie though. Mommy and Daddy came to pick me up and they saw me playing with my new friends in the day care room and then I saw them and rushed the door jumping and barking and trying to tell them that I was having fun fun fun! Then all my new friends had to jump and bark at the door too. Mommy and Daddy thought it was cute. When I came out into the foyer (my new word of the day) I jumped on Daddy and licked his nose! He needed a good nose licking. He missed me, I could tell.

A few people wanted to know how close I was to PetSmart. Mommy took this picture from the front porch. Behind that tree that she marked, that's where we cross the road to PetSmart. It's a busy road and when I was really little, Mommy and Daddy used to take turns carrying me across it.That's it from me. I'm going for a nap. Sniff ya later!

Oh! New friends!

So apparently yesterday's blog caused a lot of puppies to come over and see me! I think that's GREAT! I like meeting new people.

So I'm going to say hi to everyone who left a message - as of this morning. So Hi to my bud Charlie Daniels - who hopefully will be getting apiece of chicken in the near future; and Maggie and Mitch, who are regular Bolo Blog readers. I'd like to welcome River - he's a beagle whose Mom always wanted a Shar Pei - which is funny since my Mom said she always wanted a beagle. NO! You're not allowed to switch! Hi to Gus and Louie - looks like they chase sheep. I'm partial to eating stuffie squirrels myself. Hi to Levi and Cooper too. Uhm, Mommy asked if you can try and find my predecessor across the Rainbow Bridge Cooper, since you're got an in- he's a Shar Pei named Shih Kwan - she sends her love. Bogart, Hi, nice to meet you! Man there are a lot of Airedales on the DWB! And Hi to Georgeous too, I like you're profile picture Georgeous, that looks cool.
I have to keep it short, I'm off to PetSmart Day Camp today! Mommy took pictures of how close PetSmart is to us, I'll post them when I come back. Happy Dance! Adventure Awaits! Sniff Ya later!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let's Talk about Gas

No, not the kind Daddy puts in the car, I mean the stuff that WE, as pups – and maybe cats – I don’t know enough cats – are constantly being accused of creating.

My poor friend Charlie Daniels has been refused poultry treats because they make him gassy. But what about his Pawrents? Are they still eating beans and cabbage and fresh bread and grapes? Probably. Unfair I say! Unfair! Can we start a Chicken for Charlie campaign? Oh, and I’d like to taste it too please, I’m stuck with lamb.

Shar Peis have delicate tummies and when Mommy and Daddy had to change treats for my predecessor, he could apparently clear the room with an SBD (Silent But Deadly). Which he did periodically and then followed them out of the room going, Where’d you go? That’s part of the reason THEY don’t change my treats very often.

But think about this. They (and it’s not just MY pawrents, it’s everypuppies -and kitties I’m sure) are gassy ALL THE TIME. Trust me, when they’re sitting down, I’m at nose level! A lot more comes out of those sit upons then they admit to let me tell you!

On that note, I’ll leave you with another picture of me as a puppy.

This is me at about 3 months old. I think it was my first or second night in my furever home. That's my Daddy's hand on me. I was a little scared. You can tell because my tail is down. More about Shar Pei tail language another time. Sniff Ya later!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Rain

Wouldn't you know it, the softball game was rained out yesterday. Sigh. That's ok. It means I got to spend time with my pawrents; and Mommy made sure I still got an adventure. We went to PetSmart. It's right across the street, I can see it from my front door so if it started to rain we'd still be ok to walk home.

Mommy picked up some Rollover for me - because we were running out - and I got to see one of my most favoritest people in the world: TANYA! Tanya was our teacher when I went to puppy school. Mommy says she was also my predescessor's teacher when he went to puppy school (more on him at a later date.)That's me in the hat, Tanya is in blue and Mommy is in green. This picture is wow, over a year old now because I've been with Mommy and Daddy for more than two years. WOW.

Well that was yesterday. Today, it's grey and rainy and Mommy decided to take a little nap. So I cuddled up at her shoulder and took one too. She likes having a napping buddy. Eventually she got up. But I didn't, and she was able to catch me in deep schnooze mode. That's Daddy's pillow I'm sleeping on.

That's about it for me I think. Maybe I can convince Mommy to come back and cuddle me for a bit longer. If not, then I might go outside for a perimeter check and a munch of food. Sniff ya later!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it Tuesday?

I lost track of my days there for a minute. Apparently it's Tuesday. Tuesday is Softball Day! It was raining earlier today when mommy was out doing her thing and I was having my morning snooze. I hope it drys out because I want to go and help Daddy's softball team win! I think I'll drool on the other team's bats today and see if that helps MY team.

In other EXCITING news: My friend Charlie Daniels sent me this!

Thank you Charlie! Mommy added it to the sidebar of my blog. And she redid my banner. I like it. That's a good picture of me. I was visiting Granny and Grandpaw when Mommy took that picture! Now I have to figure out something to send to Charlie. Mommy says I have an excess of drool. I'm sure Charlie can handle his own drool Mommy. I'll have to think, and ask Daddy. Daddy's really smart, he'll come up with something.

Oh, apparently I have to pass this along now. Charlie has his, I know Charlie sent one to Oorvi, but I think I'll send one too, and to Maggie and Mitch - Mommy has a funny story about being french kissed by an Airedale you might enjoy guys, I wasn't there so I can't tell it.

OH! Mommy just shared her idea of what I can send to Charlie with me. She's a genius! I need an adventure now to go and implement it. Move it Mommy! Adventure awaits! Sniff ya later!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pei Addendum

For a pei-laxing day it's been full of adventures!

A walk with Mommy and then having to go out in the rain to rescue Daddy. Then a nap. Then THEY said ADVENTURE and WALK in the same breath and I did my happy dance and sing. And when Daddy opened the door, I zoomed out. Off leash. And headed for the road.

I was enticed back with the smell of my favorite treat - Rollover - and my adventures continued with a ride in the car, then some walking while Daddy went to get ice cream and then another ride in the car.

THEY didn't seem mad. I know I'm not supposed to go out without my leash and harness - I hate that harness blech - but sometime a Pei has to do what a Pei has to do. Oh wait, maybe THEY were mad. THEY cleaned my ears tonight. Sigh. Time for bed. Sniff ya later.

A pei-laxing day

After all the excitement of the weekend, it's nice to have a pei-laxing day with Mom where the most strenuous thing I have to do is look out my window.

Nothing exciting going on and I've barked the squirrels out of the tree. Oh, yeah, someone did come to the door this morning, but I barked him away too. I think I feel a cuddle coming on. Mommy? Mommy? Do you feel a cuddle coming on? Sniff ya later!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Mommy says today is Father's Day. I made sure Daddy knew I love him by sleeping on his feet last night. And not kicking him off the bed. Now I'd better kiss his nose.

Love you Daddy!

Oh and snuffles to Grandad and Grandpaw!

((aside: there's a mother's day, there's a fathers day, when is Bolo Day?))

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's been a busy weekend!

Friday was a busy day.

It started with a wake up from Mommy and a quick trip to check the perimeter. All’s well. Then Mommy took me adventuring so I could check the larger perimeter. All’s well. Then I was allowed to nap with my bone. Mommy came home – I’d like to say I hadn’t noticed when she left but her fingers are longer than mine and she can reach into my bone and push out leftover treats from inside, so yes, I do notice when she’s not around. Anyway, Mommy came home and normally we go and rescue Daddy from work. But she said Daddy didn’t NEED rescuing. How he could not NEED a rescue from Me, I don’t know, but I did voice my displeasure and got lots of cuddles from Mommy to make up for it. So I settled done with a bone.

Then Daddy came home! I did my dance of joy and let him know that I missed him and that he really SHOULD have called me to rescue him, because that’s my job and I get great satisfaction from doing that. He huggled me though and that’s very important to a pei like me.

Then I noticed that SHE was getting the camera ready. Since I’m her most favourite subject at the moment, and sometimes I actually don’t MIND being her subject, I thought maybe we were going adventuring again. HA! I was RIGHT!

We ended up at Aunt Leslie’s! And I saw my cousin Gabe. He’s a 12 year old yellow lab and Mommy says to be gentle because the Rainbow Bridge is calling to him but he’s not ready to let go just yet. She made sure to give him lots of love and kisses and so did I.

I also saw my Granny! Oh, I should say that I stay in my kennel while THEY eat because that way Daddy’s niece and nephew don’t run me over.

We got home late and I fell asleep right away.

This morning we had more adventures! Daddy’s Mommy came to visit and I got to give her ooddles of kisses! She likes to smush my nose.

Daddy’s Daddy helped them bring stuff in from outside – Mommy will write later about that – which means I had to sulk in the kitchen.

Now I’m exhaustipeited again. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Sniff ya later!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm on Alert!

Because the world needs more Lerts.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

So uhm, which Paw-Limpic Sport would this fit under?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm the cheering section!

Daddy had an adventure today and I was invited! He played softball after work. He even came home to get me so I could cheer him and his coworkers on. I brought HER along to be my roadie.

There's part of MY team. Daddy is WAY at the back in the blue shirt and black shorts. Not the one you can see, the one WAY WAY at the back.

I have my own fanclub. Tayah (not sure how to spell that) took me for a walk to investigate before the game started. She was very happy to see me. So were her two sisters. I was much more interactive than a silly softball game. There was even a young gentleman there from Germany who came especially to see me. What? Mommy says that's a lie, he came to work here and seeing me is just a big bonus. Well, or course it's a bonus!

Daddy called this picture JAWS, but I'm note sure why. He even gave it some theme music - duh duh; duh duh; duhduhduhduh... I don't get it.

Here's me waiting my turn at bat. Mummy and Daddy LOVE this picture. I do look pretty handsome there don't I?

It started to rain pretty hard so my roadie (Mommy) bundled me up and got me back to the car while we waited for the game to finish. It didn't look like it at first, but Daddy's team won 15-14. YAY! I think that's because -I- was cheering them on. Sniff ya later!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi Granny!

I went to go and visit Daddy's Granny today! She's always so happy to see me! But then again, who isn't!

First things first, we took Daddy to work, always important if you want to be kept in squeakies and kibble. The Mommy and I came back to eat breakfast at home - and re-energize with a quick nap. Oh, and while we were in the car, Daddy noticed our neighbour in the car next to us so THEY waved and she waved back, then Mommy inched the car up so I could wave. Not sure why the neighbour laughed at me. But I did wave - well, pant anyway.

After a quick nap, we went Adventureing! I made sure that Granny's perimeter was safe and marked as mine before we went up tot he door. Granny gave me a nice ear scratch when I walked in the door. I did a quick scan, but it was just me. Sometimes there are other doggies visiting. So I had to follow Granny around until she put down a bowl of water for me. She's nice like that. Gotta love her. She even opens her screen door and lets me run around in the backyard. I didn't do that today, I just stood on the back porch and watched the world revolve around me. It does that sometimes you know. In case you were wondering.

I made sure before we left that Granny had gotten nose kisses and a snuffle or two. Her house is safe, I sniffed almost everything - I'm not allowed in Granny's bedroom, so I didn't check there. Granny gives good scratches. And she's not in your face like some of the little children in my neighbourhood. I like that about her. Anyway, I'm all exhaustipated again. Wish Mommy had brought her camera, I would have liked a picture of Granny and I together. I tried to tell her but nooooo, she thought I was just excited. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to go back. Sniff ya later!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Adventures

More adventures for Me!

A nice walk with Daddy this morning, and a nice walk with Mommy this evening. They love me.

Mommy said something about visiting Granny tomorrow. I'm hoping I can sneak into the car before she notices me and go with her! Maybe I can add that to the Paw-Limpics too!

In other news, I had comments from other pups on my blog yesterday! YAY! Someone said I looked like I had a kisssable nose. They must have been talking to Mommy. Mommy seems to like kissing my nose for some reason. Now I'll have a few more blogs to visit and find out how other doggies live. Maybe I'll go do that now, quick quick. Sniff ya later!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Adventures

It's really hot in the sun when you're a black Pei like me. Well, Mommy and Daddy say I'm more chocolate but other people say I'm black. I don't care what they call me as long as it's not late for cuddles!

There were garage sales going on today. I'm not sure what a garage is but I think it involves sticking all sorts of good sniffing material over the front lawn. Daddy and I went adventureing to sniff everything this morning. Then Mommy and I went out this afternoon to do the same thing!

Wow, even remembering the adventures I'm getting all thirsty again. Mommy? Water bowl refill please. Mommy?

My practicing for the paw-limpics is coming along nicely. Mommy and Daddy are good trainers and are encouraging me quite a bit. Nose kisses for them! Sniff ya later, I'm still in training!

Friday, June 6, 2008


I went ADVENTURING again today!

I went to Day Camp! I played and played and ate a bowl of food and peed and slept and when I expressed my opinion by growling at that chocolate labrador I was was sent for a time out. S'ok I still had FUN! I hope they let me back.

Mommy said she was very proud of me for being so excited about my adventure. I was waggy and I went with the nice lady this morning through the funny doors to wait for play time. Mommy says she and Daddy saw me on the TV when I was coming back out. I was so waggy she said that she thought my tail would fall off. AS IF!

Anyway, perfect time to train for the sleeping event for the paw-limpics! Mommy thinks they should have a blanket stealing event. Maybe I'll suggest it. Then again, maybe not! Sniff ya later!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We just came back from an adventure. Much as I would have liked to say Hi to the other dog, my Mom ROCKS!. I'll let her tell you. Read her blog HERE.

Excuse me, I have to go back to training! Sniff ya later!

Fun and Excitment!

Mommy found something exciting for me to do!

I will be taking part in the 2008 Summer Paw-Limpic Games!

I think maybe I have a chance in the Track events, wrestling, sleeping and making a mess categories. Not too sure about the pee mail one though. I'm not going ANYWHERE NEAR the swimming events. No, I'll leave those for dogs who actually ENJOY the water. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy will be helping me train. And Mommy took Lenny's flag and made me one of my own, I hope you don't mind Lenny.

Can I change that to Louder, Wrinklier, Droolier? Daddy? What's latin for Wrinklier?

I've also put in my application to be Bone (Torch) Carrier! I'm so excited!

OH! OH! Mommy wants a golf shirt made up with the logo! She wants it to say Trainer - Canadian Paw-Limpics Team Summer 2008. She said she'd wear it to work! Gotta love my Mom! She's always encouraging me to do fun things. Sniff ya later everypuppy, I have to go train!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


THEY gave me a bath last night. THEY tricked me! I wagged my tail and was super cute and THEY STILL washed me. sniff

I will admit I did get into the tub on my own, but you would too with a great big hulking Daddy standing behind you. He even had Mommy as backup. THEY ganged up on me I tell ya!

I'm clean now. I hope they make it worth my while to be clean. Are you reading this pawrents? Make it worth my while! Hugs are only a good start. What else will you give me? Hmmm? Hmmm?

Sniff ya later loyal readers, I'm going to sulk. Maybe I can guilt Mommy into something. Like a walk. Or a new squirrel or something.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I am the best Snoopervisor in the world since it was flat! That's what Mommy says. When she's not calling me a cuddle pig anyway.

Today, I snoopervised Mommy's battle with the the Lions. She even included a picture of ME in her blog, but I'll add this one because it has more of me in it; and it's all about ME!

In other snoopervisory news, I had to watch Daddy take the garbage out this morning, and Mommy with her morning nap, then this lion thing. I barely had time to catch my morning nap with all this excitement. And now I'm late for my afternoon snooze! I have to be on the lookout for other snoopervisory opportunities though. Mommy looks like she's in a mood to get on the treadmill. I'll have to snoopervise that too. What's a pei to do I tell ya! Ack! Sniff ya later, she's moving, I have to catch up!

Monday, June 2, 2008

More Me!

Mommy is recharging the batteries in her camera so I thought I'd share with you an older picture of me. So many to chose from! I should make this a regular feature!

This is a picture of me my first day in my furever home with Mommy and Daddy. I had just had the most awesomest adventure the day before - coming to my new home!

Mommy likes this picture.