Monday, June 10, 2013

Remember Us?

Hey, Chingmy's Mom here.  Do you remember us?  I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't.

Life has gotten in the way of blogging.  Who'd a thunkit eh?

Anyway, we're all still hanging around.  We don't get here as often as we should and we're horribly behind in everyone's blog, but we do try and keep up on Facebook.

So in the last few months, we've had fun Adventures:

We met a West Highland White Terrier.

They're a lot bigger than I anticipated.  And stockier.  What a cutie he was though!

We've also been on Car Adventures to get Daddy Coffee.

Little does Chingmy know, Daddy will come from the other direction.  She can be such a goof sometimes.

Then we had to teach Puppy how to drive.

Neither can reach the pedals, so the roads are safe....FOR NOW!

And finally, someone graduated from Intermediate Dog Training.

Sorry the picture looks warped, it was taken on my iPod.

We've also started Agility - which Chingmy LOVES.  She especially LOVES the hot dogs she gets as treats.  And low and behold, she is still anemic and we are still waiting for the go ahead for her Big Girl operation.  So she did go into heat - and NO, I did not get pictures of her in her fancy pants.  But for those who care, they did colour coordinate with her collar.

I think that's it.  We need to start blogging more.

Hope to see everyone again soon!

Chingmy's Mom.