Saturday, December 9, 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Yesterday was such a GREAT Doggy Day!

Chingmy may not agree with me, but yesterday was such a fantastic Doggy Day.  My girls were SO precious and I got a chance to record some of it.

We had a good day where the girls were pretty well behaved - I did a lot of running around so that meant they had the run of the house.  I will add that Chingmy's separation anxiety seems to be gone since Wedgie arrived.  Yay Wedgie.  Grats Chingmy.

 Our afternoon walkies was to our local PetSmart (just down the street) where we booked BOTH girls in for a day of play just before Christmas. 

So Chingmy was overdue for her annual lube, oil and filter (sorry, we call it that, she needed to update her vaccines).  We've changed vets to a smaller one, closer to home who is a little less expensive.  We VERY much loved our old vets, but with 2 dogs, CHA-CHING!  Anyway, Dr. B is pretty cool.  I wasn't sure how Chingmy would react because he has a beard.  Dad says she was cool with it.  AWESOME!

So because this was an after school thing, we dragged Puppy along (kicking and screaming - just look at him!)  While Chingmy was in with the Doc, Wedgie stood on guard.  She's rocking it.

Once Chingmy was done, and Dad was chit chatting, she made sure to make her presence known.   You may want to biggify this picture.

Chingmy came out so we ran her over the lawn and met the resident guardian.

Came home and loved on our doggies.  Such wonderful girls.
The Mom.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Woah! December?

So, NO IDEA what happened to November, but we're already December and I wanted to post more often.  I was looking through pictures of my girls and noticed that it's so very hard to get a good picture of Wedgie.  Now, I am using my phone, and I'm sure if I took out the big DSLR with a fast shutter speed I could get a better picture, and I might need to do that soon, but for right now, there is always some part of Wedgie in motion.  Usually her tail.

In other news, we're pretty much ready for Christmas. The first present of the year goes to Wedgie - because it's pretty hard to hide a dog bed in this house.  Anyway, she seems happy with it.  Which is a good feeling.  No pictures because I haven't had a chance to clean up the bedroom in a while, and you don't need to see dog hair all over the place.  Chances are there's dog hair all over your house, look at that instead.

Lastly, I want to mention how much Puppy LOVES Wedgie and how much Wedgie loves Puppy.  He spends a lot of time playing on the floor, which makes him the perfect height for kiss attacks by our resident kissyface wag monster. She's also a little cuddlier than Chingmy.  Chingmy suffers through a hug then tells you when she's done.  Wedgie just soaks it all in and when you let go, she'll shake it off and rearrange her wrinkles.

Puppy picked out her new bed in fact.  He also picked out her i.d. tag - we finally took a trip without them to pick one out for her.  He's not ready to walk her.  He only outweighs her by 15lbs and he'll need to be at LEAST double her weight to deal with her dragging ability. 

My "children" are awesome.
I hope to write before Christmas, but if I don't, Best Wishes of the Season and I hope Santa Paws is good to everyone.

-The Mom.