Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Nosevember! Contest is Up!

Well, first I have to thank Mom for getting her mind back together as she got the computer back up and running.  And Dad too for helping.  Puppy...well, he was very enthusiastic.  Maybe not about Nosevember, but that's becuase he's never been through Nosevember and doesn't know how exciting it is.

So, because Mom and I weren't as organized as we could have been for this (although we already have prizes), we don't have friend noses to put up this week.  That's ok!  We're good with this.  We have a back up plan!

First of all, here's how you play.  You'll be given an image like this:

Then you'll be given three options for the best answer.

Is this nose from:
A) Greyhound
B) Moving Truck
C) Bolo; a wonderfully black/dark chocolate coloured Shar Pei

You then email me at bolo (at) magma (dot) ca with the answer.  Or you can leave it in the comments, or post it on my Facebook - I am on Facebook. Mom and I will tally up the answers and keep a running total of who has the correct answers.  The top three guessers will win a prize.  The answers for this week will be posted next week so there will be plenty of time for everyone to participate who wants to.  And if you want to include your nose, I'd be more than happy to add it!  Yes, those who submit noses can still win a prize.  So the answer to that nose up there is?  HAH!  C of course!

Many thank to my Uncle Marty for taking that picture of my nose with his Macro lens.

So, here is this week's contest!

Who does Nose 1 Belong to:

A) Cat
B) Rabbit
C) Yorkshire Terror

Who does Nose 2 belong to:

A) Cow
B) Horse
C) Jack Russel Terror

Who does Nose 3 belong to:

A) Octopus
B) Labraterror
C) Elephant

Who does Nose 4 belong to:

A) Veloioraptor
B) Ostrich
C) Chicken

Go ahead and answer and good luck to everyone!  

And please send noses!

Sniff ya later!


Pippa said...

Oooh goodie

We'll be playing


♥Mona + Weenie + Mommy, too♥ said...

Oh Bolo!! I would knows that nose anywhere. Im been dreaming about it a lot ya know. I csan'[t help, it. Im still got a crush on you.


Hey Bolo,Weenie here. Mommyn says I can take a guess on yours nose game even if I am blind. I knowm a good sniffer when I smell one.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

Hey Bolo. We sent in our entry, as you know. We will ask #1 to talk about the contest in our blog when she gets back.


Pippa said...

Hello Bolo we are just going to send you a mail with our answers.

They are not my answers, Master and Misery did it together so I take no responsibility for them.