Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snow on Sunday? I don't think so!

Mom took a few pictures of me in the snow last week.  It's a good thing too, because there's nothing left of it today.  Well, a small patch in the backyard, but that's about it!

Anyway, there will be pictures every day this week.  I've told Mom she MUST prearrange my posts with pictures this week because we didn't post AT ALL last week.  Sometimes a Pei just has to put his paw down.

Besides an appalling lack of snow, and Mom appearing to have a camera allergy - she's barely touched it this year - I'm afraid there isn't anything all that new going on around here.

I'm a little behind in my reading, and certainly in my commenting, but we're getting there.

Sniff ya later!


Anonymous said...

Bolo's Dad here.

Bolo's snow might be retreating in the back yard, but that is revealing that which Bolo has left in the backyard over the last couple of months. Nothing you would want to build a snowman out of.

Mango said...

Bolo! Good for you for putting your paw down. We in blogland have been totally Pei deprived.

As for the Bolo mountain range. Well, these things just seem to pop up out of nowhere in the spring.


Two French Bulldogs said...

That snow didn't stick around! Hope you got to play in it
Benny & Lily