Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mayhem Monday on Thursday!

Hi!  Me again!

As you can see, I've found the best place in the house to lounge - the top of the sofa!  Normally at my house I'd be looking out over my backyard and my lake, but here I'm stuck looking at a wall.  There REALLY need to be more windows put in this house!

In other news, two days in a row now that I've been responsible for picking Puppy up at his Day Care.  This has meant that I have had to go into the day care and pick out Puppy personally and drag him home.  I - of course - make it my mission to give everyone many kisses when I see them.  All of Puppy's little playmates seem to think I'm kind of cute.  Puppy even comes running over and says "Kitses Poopky."  I give good kisses.

That's it from me!  Mayhem Out!

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