Friday, November 10, 2017

A nice Fall Friday

Wedgie -   So there are lots of leaves blowing around here.  Don't we look beautiful?
Chingmy is looking for squirrels for me to chase.  I've taught her how to chase squirrels! 

Chingmy -  I knew how to do that BEFORE she showed up.  Sheesh! 
 Wedgie - OK, but I've helped you refine the art of Squirrel Chasing.  You have to admit that I've helped you with THAT.

Chingmy - I admit nothing.
Mom- Fall has arrived.  Which means the squirrels are out in force.  Which means I am dragged around on each and every walk.  Oh the joys of being owed by a dog.  :-)


Molly the AireGirl said...

Where we live is the land of the squirrels! It is just wonderful only mom doesn't feel quite the same way that I do☺ Have fun in the leaves!

Sue said...

Syd spent most of the afternoon barking at squirrels running thru the trees overhead. None of them came down to play with her.