Friday, May 29, 2009

Bolo's Friday Adventures and Weather Report

Weather Report wise, it's still raining. Blech. But that's ok because I had an ADVENTURE yesterday. Uhm, Mom, we need to make that text bigger. ADVENTURE. Ooo, much nicer, and in purple too. Nice touch Mom.

So here's how my Adventure started. Daddy came home from work and checked the mailbox while I had a pee. I'd check the mailbox put it's on the wrong side of the door and I don't have opposible thumbs. There was a letter from Canada Post, FOR ME! I had a box! A Box! A BOX! Could it be my delicious cookies from Miss Lea at Poochini's Barkery?

So when Mom came home from work we all hopped into the car and we went to go and get the BOX. I had to stay in the car (did I mention the rain?) but I was hoping to have to go inside to sign something. No luck for the Pei. Sad face. Mom and Dad came out with MY BOX! I made sure to sniff it all over. Yup, it smelled right! Dad couldn't drive home fast enough for me.

Miss Lea is so creative, and I think she likes me. Look at that label! And the paw prints all over the box! Thank you Miss Lea! Dad helped me open the box, saving the sticker too, what a guy!

Inside was a note saying to open the cookies right away so they don't go fuzzy. Fuzzy cookies aren't good for Shar Peis apparently.

There they are! My favoritest cookies! Honey Bones! Drool. Miss Lea also sent me some special cookies to taste test. I haven't had any yet, Mom is saving that for the weekend so I'll have a lot to blog about on my Monday Morning Report!

Miss Lea also sent me these things. I know that's a pig tail, is that a Bully stick though? Mom and Dad say that my digestive system can't handle those so I won't be able to write a report for Miss Lea. I'll make sure they go to another doggy who will appriciate them. Then I'll think about having a guest blogger to review them.

In other Miss Lea news, she's getting a new puppy and has decided to blog! I've apparently been a good influence on her. Pei laughter. Miss Lea will be bringing home little Miss Tilly the Great Dane this coming week and has already set up a blog for her! Here's the linky. There's no news as of this morning, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Little Miss Tilly has to say! Welcome to the blogosphere Miss Lea and Tilly! (And I hope Miss Lea's other puppy's will post as well.)

Sigh. That was a lot of excitement to relive. I'm going to go nap and dream of getting more Honey Bones.

Sniff ya later!


Tilly The Dane said...

Hi Bolo... glad you like your treats..
Sorry about the bully stick and pig tail, I didn't know you couldn't eat them! Please give to another deserving doggy... :) Next time, I will just send bonus cookies...
Thanks for the great blog! it brightens my day...


Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

Those look so scrumptious, Bolo!!! I don't think there is a single dog bakery in the whole of France... Can you believe that?!

Your Friend,

pam said...

Ohhhh bockes, we love it when we get bockes too.

Bobo and Meja (yer girlfriend member)

Libby said...

Bolo, I already can't wait for Monday, to see how you liked your special cookies! Have one for me please.

Life With Dogs said...

Nice haul, you'll need all weekend to get through it all!

Fred said...

Bully sticks are deelicious. I am happy to give a rave review!

Lorenza said...

Your Honey Bones look delicious!
I know I don't need to tell you... enjoy them!
Kisses and hugs

Brownie said...

Oooh the cookie-bones look delicious! My momster got me bully sticks and my daddy did not appreciate that they were from the "special" part of a bull (or so he heard... I don't believe him!)

sprinkles said...

Looks like you got quite the goodie package there!

Didn't realize sharpei's were so big. Very handsome though!

Enjoyed reading your blog, will definately be back!