Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo Friday!

Just a reminder of last weekend. That's Puppy in the blue, and Granny (who Mom says is pretending that she's Cousin It - ok, whatever) and then there's me. I made sure Granny took good care of my Puppy - which she did. She also didn't forget about me, because you know, I'm just so unforgettable - Mom said so.

So I've been snoopervising Mom and Puppy lots and lots - even snoopervising NAPS, that's how busy I've been. Speaking of naps, I think I hear one calling.

Sniff ya later!


dewdana said...

Cute! I see puppy's fur is coming in nicely! Haev a good weekend Bolo, hope there are some noseventures planned!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan said...

Puppy looks like he's coming along very nicely, doubtless thanks to your care, Bolo!

Ruby and Penny said...

Puppy is so sweet, just like you Bolo.
Love Ruby & Penny

Deborah said...

Bolo, who's cuter, the puppy or you!!! LOL
That is a great picture!

Mango said...

Cousin it. Hehehe.

Puppy sure has big eyes.


pam said...

That sure is a cute puppy you've got there Bolo.

I think we need a puppy, HEY MOMMY.....

Bobo aand Meja

Aniemother said...

Nice little puppy you've got there! I'm sure you'll get loads of fun out of it later!
Have fun snoopervising!