Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning Report

Phew! I made it through the weekend. We had SO many people come to visit this weekend - I barely had time to nap!

I had to say good bye to my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Marty though - Sigh, they were so fun to have around. Aunt Sharon gives great scratches and Uncle Marty is just fun to be around. He took me for a walk on Saturday and I showed him how to pee on trees and fence posts - real male bonding stuff you know.

Here's me kissing Aunt Sharon:

I also had to say bye to Grandma and Grandad. I did get to snuffle them BTW, Mom didn't have the camera ready but we do have some proof of snuffling, Grandad says I need to shave because I'm prickley. Sorry Grandad, I don't think I'd look good shaved. I hope everyone drives safely and comes back to visit me soon!

Today Mom and I are on our own to look after Puppy - Dad had to go back to work. So we're sending lots of love out to Dad! Don't miss us too much Dad! I'll make sure Mom and Puppy get some naps in.

Sniff ya later!


Mango said...

Busy weekend. I am sure you will enjoy some peace and quiet with just mom and the puppy.


Deborah said...

Now, it is just Mommy, Puppy and Me time! Have Fun!

Chloe and Libby said...

Bolo, if you and mommy EVER need help with puppy, my mommy said we could take a road trip!!!!
Give the puppy snuggles for me ok?

River said...

You are a good caretaker! I hope you all get lots of cuddles.

love & wags,

dewdana said...

Hey Bolo- We met a Pei girl dressed like a lion at Moose's birthday party. Check her out on Monday's post, she is a hottie! We asked her if she knew you but she seemed to be a southern gal.
Moose + Dana

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Bolo - I hope you manage to get some catch-up naps after all the excitement!! But it's great having visitors, isn't it? :-)