Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

I had to share this. While we were off gallivanting at Granny and Bionic Granpa's house, my Grandad went and found me my own plane!

Is that cool or WHAT! (Photo by Grandad BTW) Of course Uncle Marty will be my pilot.

I'm not quite sure how many of my friends I could sneak in there though. We'll have to investigate.

To keep you all going, here's another picture of me being brave.

Sniff ya later!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new airplane.

Ruby and Penny said...

How exciting Bolo. Can't wait to see you in the co-pilots seat.
Love Ruby & Penny

Lola said...

Are you going to take up flying, Bolo? I could see you in one of those hats like Snoopy wears. And the scarf. Must have the scarf. You'd look quite dashing.

lotsa licks, Lola

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Never mind a plane, Bolo, #1 says her whole Island (PEI) is yours (and Lola's, and Franklin's and ViVi's...).