Friday, July 2, 2010

Forgotten Friday

Well, I'm convinced that you've all forgotten what I look liked. So here I am.

I'm not impressed with Mom right now. Everyone was home yesterday because it was Canada Day and only 3 pictures were taken of ME - but Puppy had a bunch taken of him. Sigh.

Not only that, but he's moving on his own now and there really isn't a place that's safe for me right now. I was lucky enough to get Mom to move over on the couch and we had a HUGE couch cuddle yesterday, and Puppy couldn't reach my tail. Oh and there have also been a few Bolo Cuddle Sandwiches. Oh, and another couch cuddle today.

I've learned that if you want something badly enough, you have to make it happen for yourself. Which is why I pushed Mom off the couch for my couch cuddles. Well, OK, I didn't really push her OFF, I just moved her over.

OH! I did get something very special today. A visit from one of my bestest human friends. Miss Jenn. She gives some of the BEST ear scratches. You know, the kind which get the back leggy going? Oh yeah. I missed you Miss Jenn! Come back soon!

Sniff ya later!


Lola said...

Maybe you can train Puppy to do ear scratches, Bolo. He might as well learn early and be useful. I think that Mom is probably taking so many pictures of him because human puppies keep changing for years and years and years, whereas Shar Pei, not so much after a couple of years or so. Still, we need lots and lots of Bolo photos, too. There no such thing as too much.

wags, Lola

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Fabulous photo of you, Bolo! You know it's quality that counts, not quantity!

Back leggy thingy scritches? Wow!


Mango said...

I could never forget that face. My goodness. The motorized puppy is taking over your house. Isn't it time he got a crate?