Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thinking Thursday

I think I am getting sleeeeeeeeepei. Pei laughter.

I've had a busy few days. Mom has needed cuddles because she's giving lots to Puppy. He's snuffley, and sneezy. I wouldn't actually cuddle up to the little guy myself you know, that would involve touching him and I'm not at all ready for that, but I'll cuddle Mom so she can give cuddles to Puppy. Apparently my Auntie Sharon needs a burst of energy too, so I've been sending her some, and cyber nose kisses too. I hope she got them.

Other than that, I have ok'ed Mom's idea for Christmas cards this year. We're just waiting for some snow. We'll be getting some this weekend she says. 30-40cm is what Environment Canada was predicting for the weekend last we heard. That might be a little too much if you ask me. Oh, Mom just checked and it's down to 20cm. That's more reasonable.

Sniff ya later!


Mango said...

Yeah, stay away from Puppy cooties. They can be fierce. I hope the little dude feels better soon.


Lola said...

Whew! We just caught up with all your posts that we missed. We're loving Peivent, even if we have to catch up sometimes. That picture of you that Laney's Mom did is totally pawsome. You better put it somewhere safe. They're going to want that one for the Louvre or something.

I hope Puppy is feeling better real soon. This is the time of year for humans to get all sniffly, I've noticed. It usually makes them cranky, too.

lotsa licks, Lola

Kristine said...

At least some parts of Canada have some nice snow. There is still not much here in Halifax. Booo. That little bit of white stuff this morning looked more like frost to me. No fair.

Have fun with your photo shoot!

Muttpuppy said...

You have such a photogenic little love! Thanks for sharing!