Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thinking Thursday

What do you think? Nice profile eh? Mom says I look a little Roman in the nose. Ok, sure, whatever.

So, I was doing a lot of thinking today while Mom was out having fun without me. What's going on with my friends that they've started to get sick?

No news from Hero Shar Pei. Paws crossed for him. No news is good news right?
Miss Lola Shar Pei (no direct relation) seems to be having a case of sickies, her brother Franklin says she's on the mend.
Pippa is getting over a tick borne disease.

I was a little concerned that it was because of close association with me, but Mom says that's not possible. Well, as long as you're sure Mom.

That's about it for me. Mom says she's ready to go to sleep so I'd better go steal her blankets before she gets there.

Sniff ya later!


The Russell Gang said...

Very noble pose Bolo!

Pippa said...

That is a super pic of you.

Thank you for thinking about me. You have some super friends who came over to wish me better because they read about me on your blog.

What a good pal you are.