Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Wrap Up

Since it seems that I'm only able to post once a week or so, here's what's happened this week:

It's ok, I chased him off!
There I am, telling Mom I need to go outside to finish my chasing!
And he's gone.  Phew!  I'll be spending the rest of the week making sure HE doesn't come back.  He will though, they never learn.  Has anyone else noticed that?  Squirrels never learn.

Other than making sure my backyard is safe, I've discovered why my food tastes so funny lately.  I've known for a while that Puppy likes to eat my food.  Only a few pieces at a time, but still, it's MY food.  OK, I know he shares with me and it's only fare that I share with him, but it's MY food and I was here first!  Right?  Right!

Mom even moved my food into the stairs so that Puppy wouldn't be able to get to it all that often.  She does make sure that I get to it and my water regularly though.  Thank you for that Mom.  But back to my funny tasting food.  Mom has photographic proof that Puppy thinks his stuffies should be eating my food too!

I've of two minds about this:
1) Let the stuffies get their own food!
and 2) Obvisouly I'm doing a good job of teaching Puppy how to take care of his animals.

Sniff ya later!


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Vidock said...

Hmmmmm. Very interesting, Bolo. But we agree that it's no fun having someone mess with your food.


Mango said...

Puppy is stealing your foodables? So not fair. Hope at least he shares his with you. Just keep close watch on him when he is chowing down. The human pups are known for sloppy eating and throwing stuff on the floor (such a waste).


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Does Puppy share HIS food with his stuffies? We have a hint about your door opening problem. Mama once had a female Dane with the same problem. She solved it by chewing the round knobs into squares so she could get a good grip with her teeth and turn the knob. Voila - open door. Can you reach that high?

Jed & Abby