Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Report!

Well, not much excitement here, except maybe for a bit of rain and a threat of someone taking a bath.  I'm hoping it wasn't me.  Puppy had a bath, but he likes them.  He doesn't get that from me!

So, here's a recent picture.  Mom was in dire need of a cuddle.  I obliged.  It's a tough job but somepuppy has to do it!

HEY HEY HEY HEY!  Give me the camera!

Hi! Hi! Hi!  It's me Mayhem!

Did you miss me?  Bolo's Mom came to visit me!  Am I ever lucky!  She brought Puppy too!  He's at the perfect height for me to lick his face too!  

Ooops, Bolo might be angry, I'd better give him back his blog.  Don't miss me too much!  Mayhem out! Peace!

Bolo here.  That Mayhem!  She's only a year old so I can see why she's so enthusiastic, but WOW.  All that energy.  I'm going back for a nap.  I'm tired just listening to her.

Sniff ya later!

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