Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Wrap Up

Well, no other baths have happened - to me anyway, Puppy has had a few though. Better him than me I say.

It's been a very stressful week around here for me with the baths and there was a lot going on today while Grandad and Grandma were over to help Mom redo the closet so there would be more room.  Looks good, but it was loud with Grandad using a drill and a hammer and those tape measures are SO LOUD! Pei laughter.

Anyway, Puppy is doing something called Transition Week at his Day Care.  Sometimes he's here, sometimes he's there.  I really don't understand it all.  Can't he just go, get his treats and cuddles and come back like me?  Mom says No.  So I've sent in someone I trust to get me all the information that she can on what's going on at Puppy's Day Care.

Stuffy, I have a job for you!
Yes sir Mr. Bolo!

Sniff ya later!

1 comment:

Wyatt said...

Hi Bolo!
Nice to meet you.
What is this talk about baths? Run, Bolo, Run!!