Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Report - Special Edition!

This has been a weekend worth Blogging about!

First off, we lost our Internets on Friday!  FRIDAY!  It's Monday and we just got it back!  Mom and Dad were almost in withdrawl shakes.

Then on Saturday we lost our PHONE LINE.  Just POOF!  GONE!  We managed, we have a cell phone.  Luckily, Mom had just added minutes to it.  Good idea Mom!

Then Mom made me take a bath.  YUCK!  I always get a bath before my monthly flea/tick/heartworm medication.  YUCK!

So that was Saturday.  Saturday night/Sunday morning we had a HUGE storm that woke me up.  So I - being the wonderful pei that I am - woke up Mom and Dad. 

Dark and early, Mom took me outside to do my little thing.  I was barking so she made me come inside.  It wasn't just me that came inside though.  This SMELL came in too.  Mom says she could almost see it working it's way through the house.  Since the Internets was broken, Mom and Dad figured I had gotten sprayed by a skunk - although Mom says I didn't get totally sprayed, just slightly sprayed.  She also said it didn't smell like skunk at first, only after it a few hours it did.  All that to say that I got another bath at 630am!  In the morning!  Not even 12 hours after my last one!  This one was with lemon dish soap, to cut some of the smell.

After that, once the stores opened, Mom and Puppy walked me down to PetSmart and we picked up a deodourizing shampoo an an Anti Skunk soap.  Which means, I got another BATH!  That's THREE baths in less than 24 hours. 

The rest of the weekend was non-eventful.  Our Phone and Internet came back Monday around 11am and I'm hoping there is a walk somewhere that does NOT include a bath.

Sorry there's no picture for today, I'm afraid the skunk smell might make it through to you, and that's the last thing I'd wish on anyone.

Sniff ya later!

Pei-Ess Almost forgot!  Mom got me an early Birthday Present!  I'll be sharing soon!  Stay tuned!


Mango said...

Oh Bolo! Skunk smell is the worst. My Grandpa Angus got it and he smelled stinky bad for months after whenever he got wet. Sorry about all the baths, but I suppose it is better than staying outside until you are de-stinked, right?


foodyholic said...

They said tomato juice bath gets rid of the skunk smell.