Sunday, January 6, 2013

Apparently it's my fault


Chingmy here!

Mom is awake and it's 1:42am.  That's in the morning.  She's blaming me and my addiction to eating the snow banks in the backyard.

Not MY fault it's my first winter is it?  Puppy likes to eat snow too.  According to him THEY try to stop him from doing that too.  Mom needs to chill (HA!  I made a joke!)!

Since I'm up I may as well blog.

Our Auntie Sharon - who I did NOT get to give personalized kisses too - found me a girl doggy's heart's desire.

A collar!  With Bling!  That is too BIG for me!  Which means it will fit me in another few months! 

WOW.  Look at that bling!  It's covered in kisses and bling!  How perfect for me! 

Special kisses for my Auntie Sharon who I hope to give personalized kisses to soon!  Until then...

Chingmy Kisses!

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