Tuesday, January 15, 2013

6 months and stuff

Hi there!

Chingmy here!

Mom got me a nice new harness.  She says it's an EasyWalker.  Yeah, yeah whatever.  All I know is that Mom takes me out on longer walks when I'm wearing it!  YAY!

Mom and Dad say I'm going out tomorrow by MYSELF.  That doesn't happen too often with Mayhem here.  Apparently I'll be away overnight! This sounds exciting!  They won't tell me anything else though.  Sigh.

I'm officially 6 months old now by the way!  YAY!  I need to get Mom to take my Official Portrait.  Then I can change my header picture because I don't really look like that anymore!

Ok, I'm sending.....

Chingmy Kisses!

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