Friday, February 1, 2013

Follow Up Friday - Mom's Version

Hi!  Mom here.

The Girls are fine.  I've just been finding it hard to get time to help them write, post pictures, stuff like that.  Mostly because they tend to sleep through my computer time.  I've learned from experience, Let Sleeping Dogs Lay (or is it Lie?)

When last we blogged, Chingmy was supposed to go for her Big Girl Surgery.  That didn't happen, she was anemic and they decided to hold off for a few weeks.  I should call the vet and see if it's this coming week or not.  Mayhem is doing good and has decided that Chingmy's food is much nicer than her own, mostly because it is always available.  Chingmy sees Mayhem eating her food and looks at me with a "Do SOMETHING!" expression.  Considering Chingmy is constantly drinking Mayhem's water bowl dry, I think it's only fair Mayhem should be eating Chingmy's food.

  There's been a lot of this going on:

Which is all good.  The girls have been back to Day Camp, and they'll be going next week as well.  They have fun - which is important.  Socialization, also important.  Most importantly, everyone gets a break from each other!  Thank you Day Camp for saving my sanity - what's left of it.

And finally proof that the two of them can sit together on the same chair - for a short period of time.  No, that is not a mop, that's Mayhem.

If she weren't asleep, Chingmy would be sending :


Pei-Ess Mayhem does indeed have a face.  It's just really hard to photograph with my iPod.

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