Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Personality in Peis

So, Chingmy is the 3rd Shar Pei to own our hearts, Wedgie is the 4th.

Wedgie is the ONLY Shar Pei in our lives who has EVER done this:
Gee my living room actually looks a little clean there!

Sorry, distracted by bright sparkly objects.  Wedgie is the only Shar Pei in our lives who has EVER roached.  At which point Puppy comes along and says "Wedgie needs a TUMMY RUB!" 

Chingmy is much too dignified to roach - yet has no problem jumping around at the end of the leash and smacking head first into signposts (True story! Even if there wasn't a picture.)

They are lovely to walk on leash.  Sometimes stepping in unison.  (They've even peed in unison but no pictures because this isn't that type of blog.)

Until they see something they WANT.

And then you have a combined 110lbs (49kg) of Personality pulling to get to that squirrel.... Grandad.... little white dog across the street that taunts them..... you get the idea.


Molly the AireGirl said...

You are both such handsome pups on your walkies striding down the street together! Are you sure you're not part Airedale, Wedgie? I love to show my belly☺
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Sue said...

They look adorable together. I know what you mean about the lure of a squirrel, I have over 500 pounds of dog.