Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Paws and I.....

I went to see Santa Paws today at my local PetSamrt. It took me a while, but I warmed up to him. He had treats, which I -KNOW- Mommy was handing him because I watched her. But he was better at handing them out. He didn't dole then out one at a time. He handed them out in big chunks! Pei Laughter. It's not the best picture of me though.
It was also a fact finding trip. Mom is thinking of getting started in Pet Photography and she wanted to see their setup. Dad and I have come to the consensus that Mom could do a much better job. For one thing, she has more than one memory card.

Mom says I was a little over stimulated because I went aggro on a pair of Airedales. They were Maggie and Mitch imposters! Mom was not impressed with me. They were imposters though! She doesn't understand. Sigh. I didn't hurt anyone, I just went into aggro barking mode and Mom pulled me away. I still say they were imposters.

Oh well. Here's a better picture of me to close off this post. I hope the aggro barking doesn't ruin my rep with Santa Paws.
Sniff ya later!


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

No PetSmart and NO Santa Paws here in France. We are not happy about this!!!

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan, Tom and Tama-Chan

with love, Madison said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA your eyes look all angry, your brow is more deeply furrowed than usual and you have a foamy mouth from your little "aggro" episode! We hope Santa didn't see & make notes ...

Ruby said...

Your mom should take up pet photography. She always takes such great pictures of you.
You must have really been barking to have such a frothy mouth.
See you soon.
Love Ruby

Anonymous said...

Bolo, that Santa kind of looks suspicious. Did you sense an impostor?

Raising Addie said...

Santa Paws will understand.

AND Santa Paws will find his way to France this year too!

You look real cute in your up close picture!


Maggie and Mitch said...

We would have barked and lunged right back at ya, Bolo! We wish it had been us! We could have gotten to know each other better!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Bolo, what a powelful face you have here!
Doughtnut white powder on your mouth, your forehead folded into the shape of a nose,(maltese laughter), you're an authority figure!
Love you mre, muahhhh!