Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Surprise Noseventures! With pics!

So there I was, snoozing away on my bed when Mom and Puppy come upstairs and they look at me and say "Bolo.  Fjord!"  My long term readers know that the word Fjord means ADVENTURE!  So Mom leashed me up and then got Puppy ready and we headed out the door and WOHOO!  There was Daddy with the car!  That's SO cool.  We had to drop Daddy off at work again though - bummer, it would have been much cooler if he had come with us.

Anyway, Mom, Puppy and I went off to the Feed and Seed store!  I've spoken about it before, they're Pet Friendly and today they had a WONDERFUL area just for puppies filled with SOOOOO many trees to sniff and pee-mail on.  Mom calls it a Garden Centre

Anyway, I was totally worshiped by all the wonderful ladies who work at the Garden Centre.  Just as I was thinking we were going to be leaving, Grandma and Grandad showed up!  Oh my Dog!  This was like a Perfect Noseventure!  Wish Daddy had been there too, that would have been Super Perfect.

So I had to help Grandma pick out a plant that smells.  I think she could have just invited me to stay at her house, I'm nice and fragrant, in a corn chip shar pei kind of way. Eventually we did go back to the car, but Mom didn't take us home.  She took us to Grandma and Grandad's house!

We had to plant the smelly tree thing.  Only one problem.  It started to rain.  And we all know that -I- don't like to get wet, so we hid out in the kitchen until the rain stopped.  See?  It's stopped.

And here's the smelly tree that Mom calls a Lilac.

Nice job Grandad!  Good thing I was there to Snoopervise eh?

Thank you Grandma and Grandad for letting me Noseventure at your house!

Sniff ya later!


Lola said...

Oh, cool noseventure! Lilacs smell wonderful, and if there's a breeze, the scent just wafts along on the breeze. The Garden Centre sounds excellent, too.

wags, Lola

The Newmarket Gang said...

Where are the photos Bolo?

The Newmarket Gang said...

Sorry, the photos showed up after I posted the comment!

the booker man said...

yes, that was a super duper noseventure, bolo! good job helpin' your gramps plant the lilac. those do smell very pretty.
the booker man


Thanks for stopping by Bolo. Sorry we haven't been around muc but since Saturday Mommy hasn'[t felt like blogging mucgh.

The silly Woman published my gift pictures before she wrote the trstr butm she finiched it if yiou wanta come back


Chloe and Libby said...

Good thing you were there to help out with the tree planting Bolo!