Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning Report

We did a lot this weekend but first I want to start off by making a negative comment. Mom says to get the negative stuff out first so you can enjoy the positive stuff more.

Someone commented on my blog annonymously and said something rude. Mom will type it, leaving out the rude part (which is anatomically impossible because I'm neutered). It's just a BLEEPING dog, get over it. Uh hunh. Yeah, well, sorry Anonymous, but I sound much happier than you do, possibly because I am a Dog That Blogs. Mom sounds happier than you and Puppy kept her up half the night. So, another thing Mom says, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Lets move on!

We had a HUGE influx of people at our house on Friday. It was to celebrate Puppy's First Birthday. Grandma and Grandad were there, Grammy and Bionic Grandpa, my Great Granny was there too! So were my human cousins who Mom nicknamed Chaos, Panic and Disorder, and their Puppy Mayhem was there too.

Grandad was official photographer. We finally have a picture of Puppy playing with the ball I got him for his Birthday!

Photo by Grandad. You can see Mayhem in the background using MY portable kennel. Humph.

Anyway, Grandad thankfully remembered that it was my house too and took a picture of me. Near the food table. Everyone said Mom put on quite a spread. I didn't get much of it. I did manage to snag a piece of chocolate cake Puppy threw on the floor. Mom said one tiny piece the size of her thumbnail was ok, but NO MORE.

There I am. Don't I look starved? I though maybe someone would at least give me a carrot or something. NOOOOOO. I did snag a sausage roll or too that Puppy dropped on the floor.

Oh, Puppy also got a book called Walter the Farting Dog. We haven't read it yet, but it sounds interesting.

Saturday was pretty boring, with nothing exciting happening, Sunday was great though!

I went Noseventureing to my Grteat Granny's! I had to patrol her backyard. Just in case you know. I also had to sniff around her house and mark territory in the kitchen and dining room (Dad was NOT impressed - I think he might be jealous I can pee on the floor and he can't). Mayhem had been there and she peed first. That's my story and I'm sticking too it.

Today started off pretty good too. A nice walk with Mom, some food dropped from Puppy's chair, and now a Monday Morning Report Blog! WITH PICTURES!

Sniff ya later!


Corbin said...

Some people are just so unhappy they feel the need to try to make others unhappy as well! Stupid people... don't they know that dogs that blog are the best blogs around?! Come on. Anyway... I'm glad you didn't let it get you down! And Happy Birthday to Puppy!!! You had a great weekend!
-Corbin, the DOG (hehe)

Anonymous said...

Bolo's Dad here. There are times where saying something not-nice is required. This is one of them.

Dear anonymous comment-monger. Sod off you ignorant troll; or to use your own vernacular, find a better oedipal-gerund hobby.

Lola said...

If I wasn't such a lady I would say, there's no such thing as "just a dog" but there IS such a thing as just an *******. But being a lady, I would never use astericks that way. Anyhoo, I do think that your family should loosen up with the goodies just a bit on special occasions, but thank Dogness the puppy is dropping things for you.

lotsa licks, Lola

the booker man said...

hihi bolo,
that was so totally jerky of that anonymous weirdo to leave a mean message. i'm sorry that happened to you. :(
now let's get back to happy stuff 'n thingies! happy belated 1st birthday to puppy! it looks like he got some nice birthday loot. i'm glad you managed to score a few little snidbits of dropped foodables, but i'm with miss lola that your family could loosen up just a teeny tiny bit on the hooman noms.
oh, and a big happy belated birthday to your mama, too!

the booker man

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Mean people suck.
That's why dogs are better.
That is all.