Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!

I've had a good week with lots of good walks, including one yesterday to see Puppy's Day Care.  I sniffed around and it smelled like a good place - apparently they give him snacks and everything.  Way cool.  I'm giving cautionary approval.

Yesterday we also went to visit PetSmart - just to say Hi.  We saw my trainer Tanya.  She and Mom chatted while Puppy looked cute and I sat nicely for treats and was a breed ambassador and cajoled cuddles out of everyone passing by and did NOT growl at the two dogs who tried to approach us. I should be getting treats just for NOT growling you know.  I don't like other dogs near MY Puppy.  I'm a guard dog you know.

Anyway, one time this week, Dad was working in the basement - making sawdust he says.  Well, he was also making a LOT of noise.  Not my favorite of activities for him to do.  It's much more fun when he's scratching my ears or taking me on walks or stuff like that.  Anyway, I didn't like it and I went to Mom for comfort.  And I climbed into her lap.

She couldn't reach the big camera so you get an iPod picture.  I was actually, all the way in her lap.  Puppy wasn't too impressed and tried to climb up too.  Mom told him it was Bolo's turn for cuddles and distracted him with a toy.  Thank you Mom!

Sniff ya later!


Anonymous said...

Where are the additional photos you promised last week?

Lois Lane/Laney said...

What a good boy for not growling!
Mom is working with me to stop that, because I'm NOT protecting a little puppy and have no excuse. :/

Pippa said...

I'm not a growly dog - but then I don't have any puppies to guard. Fortunately. I do like people stopping to talk to me when I am though. Sometimes they talk to Master and Misery too but that's out of politeness.

You are doing well to keep your Momn on track with a weekly update - mine seems to be monthly these days :(


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

Glad you got some quality lap time, Bolo!


Mango said...

Your mom is the best. Maintaining order in the house. Puppy has to learn that sometimes it is Bolo time.