Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hap-Pei Pei Day!

It was Pei Day for us today, we met and brought home Chingmy (pronounced Ching-me).  Wish we could have brought home her Sister too, but we could only take one.  :-(  It was a hard decision to make but we brought home the Adventurous One - the one who showed the most interest in us.  Sister was a little shier and took a while to warm up to us.  She Who Became Chingmy was nervous but very interested in us.  Especially Puppy.

Both Puppy and Chingmy slept most of the way home.  After supper off they went to explore the park in the back of the complex.  I'm sure Puppy slid down the slide and Chingmy learned more about leash walking than she ever dreamed was needed.  Now she's asleep at Dad's feet.  It's like she had a tiring day or something.

 She hasn't found her voice yet, when she does, you'll hear her on the blog.  Until then, bask in the Cuteness that is Pei:

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