Monday, September 3, 2012

Mayhem Monday

Hi!  Me again!

I'm at home now but I kind of snuck back on the blog just to let you know I had HUGE funs over at Puppy's house.
I got to ride in the car lots and lots and pick up Puppy's Mom from work and pick up Puppy's Dad from work and bark at the Turnip People (that's what Puppy's Dad thought I was doing all the time But I just wanted him to install more windows.)  We all had a good week together though.  It's nice to be home on my own pillows though.  I even missed my sister Khaya.  Just a little bit thought.

Mayhem Out!

Oh my DOG!  How did THAT picture end up there?  Oh no, how do you delete stuff?  This button?  No, this one?  ARGHHHH! 

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