Friday, November 2, 2012

Things I've Learned - By Chingmy


Chingmy Here!

I am most distressed friends.

I have discovered that if it's raining in the backyard than it is also raining in the front yard.  I'm a little upset about that.

Other things I have discovered, Mom and Dad don't want me chewing on them yet when I do get something good to chew on the first thing they do is stick their fingers in my mouth to see what I'm chewing on!  How UNFAIR!

On to my schooling.  I've got Sit and Watch Me pretty much down pat - unless I'm SUPER excited - which never happens - except when it does.    I'm rocking the Take It and Leave It Homework.  Leave It on it's own is still a work in progress.  I'll do a Down but only if I'm on a comfortable floor.  I have standards you know.  I've also decided that Loose Leash Walking should be for other puppies.  Mom does not agree.  We'll have to discuss that.

I'm looking forward to finding out what we're doing at the next class!  I'm having SO MUCH FUN!  Except for one of the parents who doesn't appreciate my drool.  I'm a Puppy!  It's not like a peed on anyone yet.

Chingmy Kisses!

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