Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Pictures and Bolo's Weather Report

As you can see, Mommy took the camera out again. I don't mind, I get pei-d in cookies and cuddles. But I had to do a little investigating to make sure she was doing it right. She really has to work on focusing on the important things. Like my nose! Pei laughing sounds.
Then as soon as a pei gets comfortable, she comes to lie down on the floor with me. What do I do? I get up. And she still gets off a shot. I have a double chin! Thanks Mom, that's what every pei wants to know. More pei laughing sounds.
Then of course, we had to get my weather report picture (wait for it!) and Mommy tried her white balancing act again. You can really see what a difference it can make in the pictures.

This one was with the external flash. I remember that. I can see why some of you asked what colour I really was. It's hard to tell sometimes!So, Fanfare please! Dun duh duh duh! Nice job Mom. Time for Bolo's Friday Weather Report!

It's a little overcast due to the storms last night, but it'll be nice and sunny for a while with nice clouds, not related to the rain causing clouds, drifting around.

I know there are adventures a foot for this weekend. Mommy has baked a cake. Chocolate unfortunately. It's not my pei-day, that's in September. What? Oh! Mommy says it's Granny's Birthday this weekend! ACK! I didn't get her anything! I hope THEY sign my name to the gift tag then. Or I'll have to kiss her nose instead. Well, maybe I can kiss her nose anyway.

Sniff ya later loyal readers! I have cake snoopervisory duties to attend to!



Hi Bolo,

thanks so much for the kind words. me and the Mommy are just gonna read our friends bkigs all becuase ahe says it makes her smile.

Thanks for being my friend....Mona


Mona again..... have pretty eyes...."blushing"

Maggie & Mitch said...

We hope you get to go to your granny's pawty too, Bolo! Hopefully there will be something edible there for you too! There usually is at pawties!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

Wow you are very very handsome! We have never met a Pei in person.

Anonymous said...

You look so noble in the flash shot!

Willow the Black Dale said...

Oh Bolo how I have missed you!!! I talked to mom on the phone last night. She said you gave a great weather report!!! She also told me about that yummy looking cake over on YOUR moms blog. I hope someone makes a cupcake for you since that cake is chocolate!!

You look like you are healing great! Sorry to hear the other doggy got expelled from day care. Your mommy is correct..... it does need more puppization. Who better to help than you!~!

Nose pokes,