Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not so Ouchie Anymore.

I'm slowly getting better. Mommy says I've been a cuddle pig, but that I also have a right to be a cuddle pig. Notice though that it was HER who woke me up out of a sound sleep to cuddle this morning. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

So, on to the stuff I SHOULD have blogged about yesterday. Oorvi's Mercury made a wonderful Pei Clock. You can see it on the right hand side. I'm going to bug Mommy to put it on HER blog too. Thank you Mercury and Oorvi! Mercury, you did good justice to the wrinkles. And the nose! It's all about the nose. :-D

I also got an award from Gaia. I seem to be having trouble loading it. Hmmm. I'll work on that and get back to you. Maybe I can blog about that tomorrow.

So Mommy say I'm not yet a Frankenpuppy, I don't have enough stitches. There are actually 12. I thought there were only 6 but Mommy counted them.

OK, enough chit chat. My Daddy is home with me. I have to go and get my face rubbed by him. He's only here because of me, I'd better tell him I appreciate it. Sniff ya later!


Willow the Black Dale said... are NOT a Frankenpuppy! You are too cute to be one even with 12 stitches. Stay close to mommy and daddy today.

Gaia the Airedale said...

You are super cute even with the stitches Bolo! Just get all those extra cuddles while you can hehe.

puppy breath,

did you get your treats yet??

Charlie Daniels said...

Is Daddy home to Bolo-Sit? Cool! ;-)



Mango said...

Bolo, dude, sorry about that incident at day camp. Glad you survived. Momma says they should have a zero tolerence policy for doggies that bite. My daycare kicked me out just for letting a boxer doggie put his head in my mouth and he didn't even need stitches.