Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Adventures!

Remember I said Mommy was making a cake for my Granny's birthday? Yeah, we had to deliver it yesterday. Lucky me! I went with them! A Shar Pei's work is never done you know.

It seemed like a long trip up but I just couldn't get comfortable in the car for some reason, so I couldn't snooze. I managed though.

My cousins Tia, Khaya and Gabe were there. So was my Great-Granny . She's used to having puppy dogs around, as you can see, I'm the recipient of some much needed tail scratches. She's good at those.
And I did get to give my Granny her birthday nose kisses. Unfortunately I couldn't run and play with Khaya because Khaya was recovering from an encounter with a porcupine. 28 quills in her mouth. I'm not sure if she'll learn from this episode.
Tia was quite most of the evening, but she did get in for ear scratches from Daddy's cousin John. Yay Tia!
And here's my cousin Gabe. He's the one the Rainbow Bridge is calling to. Mommy took a great picture of him didn't she?
Sorry this post is late getting out today, we got home very late last night which meant we had to sleep in this morning. Then it was cuddle time and a nap. All very important things. Especially for me! I was the one getting cuddled!

Sniff ya later!


River said...

I'm sure everyone was so happy to see you! Did you get any cake? Sorry to hear about Gabe. We wish him well.

love & wags,

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Bolo

Please tell Mum she took a great picture for me!

Now, about the cake! Did you get any? ;-)



Anonymous said...

Maggie and Mitch said...

Poor Kahya! We've heard of dogs getting shot with porcupine quills before and we hear it's quite painful for the doggie! We hope she feels better soon!
You have to check this doggie out, Bolo!
He's a Shar Pei too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch