Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday Softball on Wednesday!

Tuesday was Softball Day! So why am I writing on Wednesday? Because Mommy was hogging the computer. She kind of made up for it by giving me super cuddles this morning, so I might forgive her.

So, Tuesday's softball game! Daddy's regular team had two more players than the visiting team so Daddy was moved over to the visiting team, just for that game. He'll go back to his regular team next week. I'm getting off track.

I'd like to point out that Daddy's regular team is all made up of older people. In their later 30's up to probably about 50. Daddy's new teammates were all , I'm going to guess, under 25 years of age. Which could explain how Daddy's new team trounced (I like that word!) Daddy's regular team. I'd like to think Daddy had something to do with it, and he did hit very well the 5 or 7 times he was up at bat, but that would be deluding myself and others and I'm not in that frame of mind right now. The score was something really high for Daddy's new team and 2 for Daddy's regular team. At least it wasn't a shut out.

Here I am at first base getting ready to run to second.

Mommy didn't take very many pictures because she was busy cuddling me. The kennel stayed at home. Whee! My fan club wasn't there though, apparently they're on vacation. Bummer. I did manage to mooch cuddles off of almost everyone though. Mommy could not believe how shameless I was in climbing into one of Daddy's new teammate's lap and then laughing. I thought he needed a pick me up because he had struck out his last time at bat.

That's about it for Softball Tuesday. What am I doing today? I think I'll nap, have an adventure and then nap some more. Sniff ya later!


Charlie Daniels said...

First Base! TBU said the first thing he thought of when he read that was a Meatloaf song! So were you nervous! ;-)



Mango said...

Bolo -
You would make a good catcher with that big schnooz of yours. I think your dad was the reason those whipper snappers won.


Gaia the Airedale said...

Aww your fan club is on a break huh? Ah well theyll be back sooner than you know it! Plus you got lotsa cuddles so thats always good :)

puppy breath,

River said...

The kennel stayed home! Too bad your fan club wasn't there to play with you.

love & wags,