Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning Report

Welcome to Bolo's Monday Morning Report! I'm your host Bolo!

I would like to introduce you to my Squeaky Squirrel. It's supposed to be a Hide and Seek type game but I'm not into Hide and Seek Games. I'm into Squeak the Squeaker games! I got a box for my birthday on Friday!

The squirrels fit very nicely into my mouth and then I run around the house chewing on them. It make a great sound. Mommy and Daddy love hearing me squeak things, I can tell. Grandma and Grandad got me Squeaky Squirrels for Christmas last year and Mommy gave me one while they all opened the rest of their presents and I remember Grandma and Grandad were very surprised at how insistent my squeaking was.
Granny was the one who first gave me the squirrels when I was just a little puppy. Here are pictures from my first squirrels ever!On a side note, I see that you can buy extra squirrels. That picture of the squirrels (the one at the top, not the ones with me in it) is from a local pet store's website, Critter Jungle. Mommy has a friend who works there. Maybe we should go and visit and get more squirrels. Mom? Mom? Ask Daddy for the car please!

Sniff ya later!


Mango said...

Bolo - You are a smoochie face after my own heart. At last, a compadre who knows how to play with a toy. Yes, just put it in your mouth and go squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek...


AB clan said...

Happy bithday Bolo!

Your Pal,

River said...

We love the squeaking part, too. I can de-squeaky in seconds but my brother Bitey loves to walk around the house squeaking. He will even put it down and pick it back up later to squeak. That was anice present for you.

love & wags,

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Me loves squeaky toys too. Levi makes squeaks all day long.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bolo!
That toy sure is fun to play with!
Squakie toys are the best!
Kisses and hugs

Charlie Daniels said...

It would need a never ending supply of stuffie squirrels at my place ! ;-)



Anonymous said...

Hi Bolo,

That's a wonderful gift. I'll go check the squirrel site...I'd like one too:)...though when it begins to squeak, I'd stop chewing and begin protecting it instead!

Licks n Wags,

The Girl said...


Brown dog kisses,