Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stuff on Saturday

Puppy has been sick so Mom and Dad have been really Puppy focused yesterday and this morning.  Which is kind of ok, I apparently need a bath.  I'll be happy if they forget that for a few more days....weeks....whatever.

Does Puppy have to sit on MY bed though?  (Mom sets him on what she thinks is THEIR bed and watches tv with him.)  Sigh.  That's MY bed.  And he's crying a lot more.  I don't cry when I'm sickies, I just hork things up on the carpet.

Make him stop crying!

Sniff ya later.

Pei-Ess Mom is making me add that Puppy is doing a little better today.  Write in your own blog Mom!


Lola said...

I'm glad puppy is doing better. Humans get so upset when one of them isn't well. I think it's because humans usually have such small litters. Also, let's face it, he's a very cute puppy for a human. They do get sick but they bounce back and things should settle down for you soon, Bolo.

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh dear, poor Puppy. We are sending airezen so that puppy will be 100% soon.

Now Bolo, guess who we met yesterday??? A Shar Pei, yep thats right. My sissies barked at him/her but I went right up and said g'day with my tail wagging.

I wonder if we'll see him/her again.

Noah x


Happy Easter Bolo!! Hope you and Puppy didn't eat to many Easter eggs or jelly bean...wait! Does Puppy have teeth yet? Maybe that's why he's sick.Is e teething. That's an awful time for Puppies.


River said...

We hope that the Puppy is feeling better. Things should be back to normal soon!

love & wags,