Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thinking Thursday

This is my Thinking Face.

It's an older picture, but I've been thinking a lot.

I've been thinking how much my parents rely on me - I looked after Dad this weekend - he was sick.  Yesterday I looked after Mom - she was sick.

Then, I noticed in my comments that my friend Lola Shar Pei invited me on a date.  I had to think about that.  I'd love to go chasing squirrels with you Lola, if it's not too late, but just so you know, my heart belongs to Mom.

The camera hasn't come out in a while, so we'll see what Mom and I can comes up with for Photo Friday.  Or maybe Find the Pei Friday.  Gotta think about that.

Sniff ya later!


Lola said...

It's not too late, Bolo. And of course your heart belongs to Mom - and Dad and human puppy, I assume. That's the Pei way. Our humans come first. I respect that totally. I am the same way.

Now I have to figure out what we're supposed to do about Date Night. I think we have to let Trix know, and know if she's allowed to borrow any of our pictures, but I'm not too sure. I kind of got caught up in the idea without totally understanding the way it works.

wags, Lola

Anonymous said...

Hi Bolo! I'm so very much excited that you and my good furend, Lola, are gonna go on date night together. Oh! She was right. You ARE very Most Handsome! Anyways, I just had to run right over and introduce myself! My name is Mayzie and I'm going on date night, too! I hopes we get to know each other better soon!

Wiggles & Wags,

the booker man said...

mr. bolo!
this is the booker man here! you've got yourself a grrreat date. lola is a cool lady!
anywho, it's super awesome to meet you! my mama thinks you are totally adorable and stuff. she's a sucker for facial squishies...too bad i have no squishiness. oh wells, at least i'm an expert snuggler!
the booker man