Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Report

Ladies and Gents, let me be serious for a moment as I give you my Monday Report.

The weekend went by with not enough walkies, ear scratches or Noseventures. It did include a B-A-T-H , which my parents said was so that I'd be nice and sweet smelling for my date with Miss Lola Shar Pei this weekend. I don't believe them for a second. I also had to get my ears cleaned, and if patterns hold true, I'll be getting my ears cleaned again tonight. Blech.

I did just have a great Noseventure with Dad. Just a walk through my neighbourhood, but it was still a great Noseventure.

And that's about it for my Monday report.

Sniff ya later.

Pei-Ess, Miss Lola Shar Pei's Dad wasn't feeling good this weekend, but last I heard he was feeling better. If you haven't yet, go and send them the Power of the Paw, so he gets to be 100 pawcent! Pei laughter.


Lola said...

Oh, Bolo, not enough ear scratches? That's just terrible. Still, you had a Noseventure. Beats my weekend. Your song was the only bright spot lately. It was a BIG bright spot, though. I will probably have to have a bath Saturday, too. We'll both just smell of soap instead of our own natural wonderful scents. Nothing much to be done about that, I guess.

wags, Lola

the booker man said...

yeah, baths are totally lame-o, but at least we don't have to have them every day like the hoomans do! ickies!!
you totally deserve another noseventure for havin' to get your ears cleaned out. egads.
the booker man

pam said...

We here you about the ear cleaning man. We're getting it every night too! Blech indeed.

Bobo and Meja SharPei

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Less primping and more attention, we say!

We have been checking in on Lola regularly, and will continue to do so.