Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thinking Thursday

Nothing new here really, sorry to disappoint.  I spent the day contemplating the open bedroom window.  All the LOVELY smells and noises that I was able to investigate from above.  I even said hello to a few people, barked at a few others, you know, the usual.

The last few nights involved Bolo Cuddle Sandwiches, so I had that to think about.  I almost went to Day Care, but they were full up.  That's ok, it still got me walks with Mom and Puppy.  Pei laughter

Like I said, not much new here.  But.....
There is a picture!

What?  I'm thinking here!

Sniff ya later!


Lola said...

That's OK. Every day can't be all eventful. Everydog needs a little time to chill out. It's all about balance. It's just nice knowing all is well with you and it's a very nice picture.

wags, Lola


Happy Easter Bolo!!

Are you gonna dress up like the Easter Bunny for Puppy?

Don't eat too many Easter eggs.