Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sharing Sunday with Stuffy

I've had some SERIOUS Noseventures - which I will tell you about tomorrow, but I need to do some chillaxin' :

This is me chillaxin'.

Anyway, I will let the Little Brown Stuffy introduce herself.

Sniff ya later!

Oh, hello. Uhm, thank you Bolo for the lovely introduction. Uhm, I'm the Little Brown Stuffy. Hmm, that will be a mouthfull, please, call my Stuffy. Anyway, I live on the piano. Every now and then though, I do sneak off the piano and do other things, like patrol the house, check the back yard, check the front yard, you know, the usual. The Lady...Mom I guess...Mom and Bolo were talking about making me a semi-regular feature on the blog. They want to see what kind of Adventures I go on. I can do that!

I'll sign off now so that I can talk with Bolo about what kind of Adventures he wants me to go on.
Love from Stuffy.


pam said...

Ha Bolo we have a little brown stuffie just like that. Mommy says he reminds her of our Uncle Spoiler who was a tan SharPei that went to the rainbow bridge before we got here.

We are not allowed to touch him. Yer lucky man...

Bobo and Meja

hero said...

I like Stuffy... do tell us more of her adventures :)

Licks, hero