Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Report

Welcome to my Monday Morning Report!

So I went with this picture for the Mango-Minster:Thank you to everyone who helped me decide.

I had a great weekend with lots of cuddles and then Daddy had friends over on Saturday night so I got to bark and let them know this was my house, then I accepted ear scratches as a toll for letting them inside. Pei laughter.

Sunday Auntie Brenda came to see me! I made sure to give her lots of snuffles and encouragement as Mommy made her try Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii. Then it was off to rescue Daddy! That's always fun. Auntie Brenda said she'd see me Tuesday. But Mom won't tell me what's going on Tuesday. She said it's a surprise. Uhm, alright. I hope it involves chew toys though.

What else? Oh yes! I can officially say that I'm a Mango-Minster Judge. I'm judging the Working Group. You can see the nice things Mango had to say about his judges here. I realized as Mom and I were looking through the pictures today and all the Working Group dogs are all bigger than me. No one has tried to bully me or anything, but it does lead me to wonder how often this might happen in that OTHER DOG SHOW.

As I said, I'm judging the Working Group and it's going to be tough. Only a few of my friends are in it (Madison, Tinkerbell and Biggie) and I hope they won't be upset if I don't pick them. I think they're more reasonable than that though. I entered in the non-sporting category and I know I have some stiff competition so I'm not worried if I don't place. I see this as a great opportunity to MAKE more friends because I'm checking everyone's blogs. Pei laughter.

Sniff ya later!


Mango said...

Don't worry. The Working group doggies are all ladies and gentlemen who are only interested in a fair competition (just be glad you didn't get stuck with the terriers).


Nibbles Treats said...

Congratulations your Judgeness! Mango-minster isn't about winning or losing - it's like getting a new toy and playing with it for hours. All about having FUN! We're all winners - that's why our people love to blog about us!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Biggie-Z said...

Mango is right. I have a huge crush on Madison anyway (opposites attract, and finally, a younger woman!), and your are absolutely right, this is a great way to meet and make new friends!

Pee Ess: I like your picture for Mango Minster. Good luck!

dewdana said...

Hey Bolo, nice to meetcha! Moose was thrilled to have your 2nd place vote in the Sporting group! There was some tough competition! Moose 'snuffles' too. I call him Snuffelupamoose sometimes. His beak is no where near the size of Bolo's so I am guessing a Bolo snuffle is awe inspiring!
Good luck in the non-sporting group (I have always thought that was a terrible name why not call them one of the things they are instead of what they are not???).